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Prospect easier and smarter with a single platform that combines big data, predictive analytics and automated marketing to grow your business.

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Our seller-focused marketing solution is built for:



Use big data listing predictions to send automated marketing campaigns to the homeowners most likely to sell. Next, follow deep insights and tested best practices to build trust and win listings.

Brokers & Teams

Recruit and retain talent by offering access to data-backed listing opportunities. Track marketing and followup to keep your team accountable as they land more real estate listings.

Real estate partners

Mortgage and Title professionals can use SmartTargeting to build stronger relationships with real estate agents by sharing the latest technology to identify potential home buyers or sellers in their area.

Lenders and banks

Leverage predictive analytics to identify homeowners within your database or any geographic area that are most likely to move. Streamline your marketing efforts by targeting top loan prospects with high Pre-Mover Scores.

Trusted by the best in the industry

"Since we launched SmartTargeting, we have closed 72 transactions by simply focusing on the top 20% of our list."

"The ability to predict the ‘movement’ in my marketplace is invaluable. We sold six houses in our first eight months."

"We control our destiny if we control the listings. SmartTargeting sits back and lets us do what we do best—get in front of targets who are likely to sell."

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