Streamline your lead gen

Use SmartTargeting's automated marketing to easily reach your top prospects

Target top loan prospects easier and faster

With SmartZip’s automated marketing platform, you can customize campaigns to automatically reach your top targets through one simple system. Target your top loan prospects by uploading your own creative, or take advantage of a large library of postcards, online ad and lead capture site templates offered by SmartZip. Reach homeowners with high Pre-Mover Scores faster and easier than traditional marketing channels, generate higher quality leads and see higher lead conversions.

Automate your marketing to the right audience

With the SmartTargeting marketing platform, you can streamline your marketing and launch campaigns simultaneously to engage with your top loan prospects. Automate your campaigns across multiple channels, including online ads, Facebook ads and direct mail.

Develop your own custom marketing pieces or leverage built-in templates to generate high-quality leads. SmartTargeting also offers custom lead capture sites that give potential borrowers an easy way to show you their interest.

Target your prospects online

Power your digital outreach with SmartTargeting’s automated marketing platform. In less than five minutes, approve and deploy online marketing campaigns to your top mover and seller prospects. Create more efficient marketing by focusing your spend on your best prospects.

Online channels include

  • Targeted online banner and display ads on 95% of popular websites
  • Facebook news feed and sidebar ads
  • Retargeted online ads to those who have engaged with your marketing

Launch automated direct mail campaigns

Say goodbye to print houses, fulfillment centers and postage woes. Automate your direct mail efforts to likely movers or sellers to quickly grow your brand and look for pre-qual opportunities. Upload your own creative to launch your campaigns and generate leads or take advantage of a vast library of mailers and templates included with SmartTargeting.

Drive quality leads with built-in lead capture sites

Capture their interest, then capture their contact information. Add a call-to-action to every online ad and direct mail piece, and steer your moving prospects to sophisticated lead capture sites where they’ll convert.

Leverage several different lead capture sites that offer homeowners a chance to see their home’s current value, name their selling price or learn more about the selling process.

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