4/3/15 Friday Finds: What we read (and loved) on the internet this week

April 3, 2015 by SmartZip in Articles 

Welcome to our brand new series, Friday Finds, where we highlight the week's best blogs, videos and ideas -- not to mention the stuff that's just made us laugh out loud at our desks.


Maximize your impact with a smaller toolset

This profile on RE/MAX's Above Magazine features advice from Valerie Garcia and Bret Calltharp, two of Canada's finest real estate trainers and advisers. We did a standing ovation when we read their fourth point, "Technology: Only use what you'll use."

We're all guilty of downloading new apps (looking at you, Meerkat and Periscope) without having a strategy of how and why we will use them. While being on the cutting edge has its merits, it's also important that you discern which tech tools will benefit your business, and which ones you should nix.

A new kind of spyware

Are you are in a fierce turf battle with the agent across town? Check out this Placester list of 16 tools that help you "spy" on your competitors' search engine marketing (SEM), social media and website practices.

Pssst: If you think this seems sketchy, we're here to tell you it's all fair in love and listings. If you don't think your competition is looking up your keyword strategy, you're wrong. By tracking what others are doing, you can not only block and defend their advances, you can figure out how to outmaneuver them in the long-run.


If you only read one thing this week...

Make it this YPN article by Lee Davenport on the importance of being a responsive agent. Stacked with stats on agent response that will (or should) shock you, Davenport makes the case for being more human when you get a lead, and also how to appear human even if you have automation tools running behind the scenes. Do not miss these tips!

Creating click bait is harder than it looks

If you've ever spent hours writing a great blog post, but didn't see a jump in traffic, you may think that blogging just isn't for you. In reality, the sheer noise of the internet means that it can be hard to stand out. To draw in readers on Twitter, Facebook or via email marketing, you need to have quick, enticing and relevant headlines.

These amazing tips from our friend Katie Lance are great for those who tend to write headlines that are too long, too drab, or too broad.

What to say when you have nothing to say

If the content, not the headline, is your problem, check out this goofy content idea generator to find new topics. The algorithm isn't going to solve all your problems, but it will get some ideas percolating that you can refine and make your own.

For example, when we typed in "Email marketing," it gave us these ideas:

What the Amish can teach you about email marketing and 11 facts about email marketing that will make your hair stand on end

Neither of them are exactly a knockout, but they helped remind us to think out of the box when writing new content.


When your upstairs neighbor is clogging, don't come a knocking

Edina Realty's new #BuyerInsights video brings light to every renter's top question: "What the heck is my upstairs neighbor doing, and how can I make them stop?"

Check it out here:

An April Fool's Day joke we wish were real

Real estate agents with less than stellar parking ticket histories cheered when Tesla Motors released "ticket avoidance mode" on their Model S this week. The car company claimed that a new software update would deploy windshield wipers and self-driving to ensure that meter maids and law enforcement officials were unable to give traffic tickets to illegally parked Teslas. Ah, if only!

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