8 Reasons SmartZip is an Agent's Coolest Marketing Solution for Summer Listings

June 1, 2019 by Judy McHargue in Articles 

Summer selling season is officially upon us. There's still time to grab your unfair share of listings, but no time to wait. Whether you're feeding a team of agents or farming for yourself, here are 8 ways you can find, win and close more business this summer.

8 Reasons SmartZip is your best listing solution

1. First Dibs on Likely Sellers:

Year over year NAR’s Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers shows the majority of home sellers hire the first agent they speak with.
75% of recent sellers contacted only one agent before finding the right agent they worked with to sell their home. (NAR: 2018 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers)

SmartZip’s SmartTargeting analyzes thousands of data points to determine a home sellers propensity to sell. Agents can apply our data to their sphere, their farm, or the area around their latest listing to learn who their next potential sellers may be. Brokers can provide their agents with seller leads from a purchased farm or purchase the SmartTargeting platform per seat and allowing their agents to obtain seller scores on individuals in their sphere or farm.
“We’ve been very successful with SmartZip. We work hard, put the time and effort into it. We know that when we receive a lead that is going to sell in the next six months, that information is valuable. We respond quickly and act on it.” Terese Brittingham, Keller Williams

2. Save Time on Your Marketing:

Getting your name in front of your prospects is critical to creating familiarity and trust. Building a brand can take time, lots of time, and effort. Especially time-consuming if your mailing to an entire farm or database. The first step is to narrow your audience to most likely sellers (see step1). Once your prospects are ranked, choose the top 20% most likely to sell and begin your mail, email, and digital ad campaigns. While this smaller list will save some time, the best solution hands down is to automate. SmartTargeting allows agents to select from a catalog of hundreds of postcards and digital ad designs, handwritten letter templates, and emails. Agents choose their favorite pieces and set them up to be sent automatically and a regular and consistent cadence. The postcards are excellent quality, and the ads are delivered to prospects everywhere they spend time online. Your brand is building while you’re out selling.

“The SmartTargeting mailers are smart, great quality, and more upscale than its competitors.” Anne Lusk, Lusk & Associates, Sotheby’s International Realty, Lancaster, PA

3. Prospecting Call Made for You:

Every so often we meet agents who say they LOVE warm and even cold calling. Which is great. We also meet those who don’t especially like to call but really “want” to do it. And still, others fall into those categories but get sidetracked by the day to day interruptions in an agent’s life. This is understandable. Even the best time-blockers struggle with consistent and routine cold calling. At the same time, connecting with potential especially likely sellers, is critical to getting the listing appointment. We heard time and again the woes around not winning the listings we predicted for them. We responded by adding Outreach to our marketing platform. Agents using SmartZip Outreach have been earning, on average, one qualified and vetted listing lead for every 20 calls. In short, outreach lead calling:

  • Takes the burden off for rapid lead response
  • Filters out lower qualified listing candidates
  • Sends vetted and qualified leads quickly to you
  • Increases your conversion rates and listings success

4. More Business From Your Sphere:

In every agent’s database lives a veritable treasure trove of lead opportunities. Brokers know it, agents know it CRM companies know it, even your sphere knows it. So, why do agents’ friends, colleagues, and past clients choose someone else to help buy or sell their home? The reason we hear too often is a lack of consistent followup and connection. We’ve all heard NAR report that 87% of clients say they will use their agent again, directly following the transaction. Yet, only a reported 24% do. There are numerous articles on staying in touch with past clients to get more business. Most with excellent suggestions and tips. We offer a way to not only keep in touch with past clients and your sphere but to identify those showing signals of selling. So we help agents stay consistent by offering automated marketing tools including email, mailers, and digital ads. We still recommend every agent keep in touch with their entire sphere in one way or another. However, to be the first to remind them you’re an agent at the very right time, be sure you’re on top of their signals so you can be top of mind.

“Listings have been the holy grail of any real estate agent or company. But too often, agents ignore the lowest hanging fruit – their own database of customers and contacts. SmartZip’s proven predictive analytics continuously monitor an agent’s sphere of influence to flag those that are most likely to sell soon. This intelligence helps agents focus and prioritize their efforts and marketing on the very best listing prospects. We are launching SmartZip Pre-Mover Scores across all Fox&Roach agents, as a company benefit, integrated within their CRM – which makes it easy and intuitive to use.”, shared Rajeev Sajja, Vice President, Digital Innovation - BHHS Fox & Roach

5. Make Past Clients Your Marketing Machine:

Most clients will say and NAR backs this up, the majority of business comes from referrals. And, because most consumers search online before making their decision why not let them see all the great work you've done. SmartZip's Reach150 provides agents a custom page to collect and post client testimonials. The Reach150 platform allows agents to automatically request testimonials upon close of the transaction. The system then alerts the agent that they've received a testimonial or referral and give the agent the opportunity to approve and post live. Agent testimonial pages are powerful tools for improving SEO, creating social proof and establishing trust.

6. Attract and Recruit Top Agents Easily:

Major real estate recruiting challenges

The recruiting environment is as competitive as it's been in years. With brokerages and real estate companies stepping up with competitive commission splits, technology platforms, culture and more, it's definitely a buyers market for agents shopping for a new brand.

So how do top brokers show their value in today's market? They let their agents do the talking. Agent testimonials are gold. With trusted testimonials agents themselves give a true glimpse into the inner working of their home office. Better than a broker's promise is the words from a peer describing the day to day. Culture becomes apparent and insight to make an informed decision.

SmartZip's Reach150, as mentioned above is the ideal platform to help agents and brokers present their strengths, value, talents, abilities, advantages and every reason an client or agent would want to do business with them.

broker culture reach1507. Choose Your Territory and Your Tools:

SmartZip's SmartTargeting offers every agents and broker the tools that they need to help grow their business. Tools including, predictive analytics for finding listings, automated marketing to help build brand and brand trust, ISA outreach lead calling to help qualify leads, mobile check in mobile app for followup on the go, lead scoring to help determine homeowners in an agents' farm and sphere most likely to sell in the near future, testimonial and referral management for recruiting and developing social proof, circle prospecting for exposure directly targeting likely sellers surrounding existing listings. Purchase some or all of the tools you need. Get a custom per-purchase consultation and post purchase support. Tools don't work unless they're used so no pressure to buy more than you need.

8. Powerful SEO Boost:

We mentioned Reach150 as a powerful recruiting and brand building tool. It is also irreplaceable for boosting your online presence. The more testimonials you collect the better your chances of being found online. Each testimonial provides and SEO boost raising your rankings. Instant content to help you be found and positive comments that help build trust, automatically.

If you're ready to take your business to the next step and explore the tools that can get you there, reach out and schedule a demo today. You have no time to lose and everything to gain. There's still time to take 2019 by storm.

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8 Reasons SmartZip is an Agent's Coolest Marketing Solution for Summer Listings

June 1, 2019 by Judy McHargue

Summer selling season is officially upon us. There's still time to...

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