Bruce Keith Webinar Recap: How to Sell Your Value and List More Properties

July 28, 2016 by Zenia Kawas in Articles 

Bruce KeithRecently Bruce Keith spoke to our clients sharing tips and techniques on how to win more listings and get their well earned full commission. Bruce's advice was extremely practical as well as actionable and we'd like to share a bit of it here.

Bruce has been in the real estate industry for over 25 years. The first ten years were spent as an agent and the last 15 years he has been coaching agents on various topics to help you get the most from your business. He was recently honored by Inman News as one of the 25 Best Real Estate Coaches in the Business and we loved having him as a guest coach on our webinar! The webinar was about selling your value and pointing you in the right direction to get more listings, and below we share some of the key points we covered.

1. Project your beliefs

Professionalism goes a long way. Simple steps like dressing well, having good energy, and listening to your clients will help you represent your brand. Eye contact, a firm handshake, and smiling a lot help homeowners gain your trust and take you seriously. Most importantly, give homeowners hope. Life isn’t the smoothest ride so keep in mind homeowner’s personal lives and what affects their decisions to move.


2. Present Powerfully

Having a powerful presentation is key. One of the first things you can do is ask the right questions so you can determine if you will be the agent they list with, when they will be listing, and what the homeowner is looking for long term. Make sure you’ve got a strong pre-listing package and have done your research on the home and local area. Also, make sure you are both mentally and physically prepared in advance to present powerfully so you can tackle any objections.

Finally, when you are presenting have a specific agenda set up before you start supported by a series of questions and that follows the direction you want to take. Here is an example:

  • View the home and re-establish report
  • Reconfirm their motivation
  • Present ECMA and decided on a price
  • Present your marketing plan (“Here’s what we do to sell homes”) if necessary
  • Close for the signature

3. Handling Commission Objections

Of course, commission negotiations can be a sensitive topic. Know that you are worth a full commission because you are different. Emphasize what you’ll be able to do for the homeowner that another agent wouldn’t.

Show them the activities you are going to conduct that set you apart from the competition (like prospecting daily, extensive Internet exposure, and your track record or your company’s track record). These activities will then justify your contention that you will get them more money for their home.

When you present what makes you different and believe you are worth it (because you are!), the homeowner will also believe you are worth it.

Clients agree

4. Closing Naturally

Ideally, you’re keeping it simple! Just be yourself and keep it natural. A short close like “Are you folks ready to go ahead?” is much more effective than a long scripted contrived close.

You can connect with Bruce personally on Facebook at Bruce Keith Real Estate Coaching and Seminars . To learn more, Bruce’s website is

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