Start off Strong: Learn how this Tennessee client is getting early success using SmartTargeting

November 4, 2016 by Marie Leon in Articles 

Christian Fraser
Christian Fraser

Franklin, TN

Synergy Realty Network

Christian Fraser, long time real estate entrepreneur turned agent has been using SmartTargeting for just 3 months. In this short time as a client Christian is already seeing success, and is happy to share how he is doing it. He first caught our attention with his active participation and willingness to share in the SmartZip Hub, our private Facebook group for SmartZip clients. In the Hub Christian is actively communicating what he does to be proactive with his top prospects. When we saw what Christian posted in the Hub and that he got his first listing we wanted to find out more about him and how SmartTargeting is working for his business.

Christian has an extensive mortgage background to go along with his history of listing, selling, and flipping properties. Having experience that goes deeper into real estate surely makes life easier for his clients.

Here is more about his proactive efforts and how he is getting more listings!

What value have you seen in SmartTargeting?

“Really, it’s that I can do everything on one platform. I have used a combination of products in the past. One of the products sent out my mailers while another targeted homeowners who will list. The nice thing about SmartTargeting is that it’s the complete package. It has the targeting data, the marketing and it even allows me to import my existing database so I know who to focus on. The data is extremely powerful. It helps me to narrow my focus so I know who to exert my efforts towards.”

“I like that this program allows me to plan ahead for a whole year; it’s long term, not short term. I really like how many postcard templates there are to choose from, and how I can go in and plan out a template for each month. The marketing is just one piece of what I like, what is really important is the targeting data, this narrows down who the marketing should go to. Without this piece, more marketing dollars could be wasted.”

Predictive Analytics

Which add-on features are you using, and what do you find valuable?

“The Predictive Insights and Brand Booster Ads allow me to stay top of mind with past clients. This is huge because, not only am I able to focus on my farm area, but I am able to upload my existing database. I can unlock the insights to learn who the right people are to focus on and, customize the Brand Booster ads to target who I want. SmartZip makes it so easy to set up the Brand Booster ads right there on the platform.”

“I also use the Connect Plus feature which has been helpful in finding accurate phone numbers for the leads that come in. It gives me another way to follow up with people who do not leave behind a phone number.”

What marketing efforts have you done to see success and be noticed in your farm area?

“So far I have sent out two postcards and one handwritten letter. When the leads started to come in I created a drop off package as my item of value to give to the homeowners that responded to my marketing as well as the nearby prospects.

My drop off package includes: a handwritten thank you card and a flash drive.

  • On the flash drive homeowners can see:
    • A PDF of their CCR's (if available)
    • My listing presentation
    • The 7 seller tips that SmartZip provides
    • And a copy of their tax records.

I have had one listing and two additional positive conversations from my first set of drop offs. The other homeowners aren’t ready to sell just yet. But, since the hardest part is getting them to talk to me, we are one step closer.”

Door Knock

Where did you get the idea for your drop off package? Is this something that you have done before?

“The idea really came from my client support team. During my strategy calls they shared best practices and what I should do to be successful. Being proactive and creating items of value are the basis of the best practices that they shared and they work! I am door knocking with drop off packages as well as promoting my landing pages on Facebook. I currently do a lot of advertising on Facebook. I really like that I can promote my page, on Facebook and capture their information through SmartTargeting.”

What advice would you give to an agent considering SmartTargeting?

“I would definitely recommend this program to any agent who asks me about it. If you are truly focusing on listings you need to narrow your focus to ensure your money is well spent. SmartTargeting’s suite of prospecting tools helps agents market smarter as long as they are proactive and use the tools.”

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to assert your own prospecting style with those in your sphere and in your farm who are getting ready to sell? We can help you identify the homeowners showing seller signals. Check listing predictions in your area.

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