Beyond predictions: Why the all-new SmartTargeting has the potential to double your business

January 8, 2016 by SmartZip in Articles 

When SmartZip first launched in 2009, the company focused on offering rankings of the homeowners most likely to sell. The first question agents asked us after receiving their SmartTargeting rankings was, “Now what do I do?”

We quickly pivoted, launching an automated marketing platform that provided agents with a way to strategically target the top predicted sellers in their area -- and homeowners a chance to raise their hand and ask for more information about selling their properties.

In many markets, agents were landing listings left and right, but other agents were having a hard time following up on their SmartTargeting leads. It was obvious that to provide the best value to our clients, we needed to expand the platform again to include predictive follow up strategies, and even more insights that could guide conversations and build relationships.

Introducing: An all-new SmartTargeting, with smart CRM technology

Just before the holidays, we launched an all-new SmartTargeting with a first-of-its-kind smart CRM technology built right in. We also launched an accompanying prospecting app, CheckIn, that is powered from the same smart CRM technology.

Whether you're following up from your desk or using our mobile CheckIn app, our smart CRM technology lets you schedule, perform and log your follow up activities in mere seconds.

What is a smart CRM, and how can it help me land more business?

1. Prioritize and automate your follow up

When you log into your SmartTargeting account or open your mobile CheckIn app, you’ll see an organized daily action board.

Your daily action board has two types of scheduled actions:

  • Automated actions based on new or hot leads, or homeowners with recently changed selling intent
  • Actions you scheduled yourself based on past interactions or interest

2. Know deep insights about your most important contacts

Prior to reaching out to your top seller leads, you can review insights about each contact, including:

  • Photos, videos and notes from past interactions
  • Past marketing engagement
  • Declared or predicted selling intent

3. Follow up the way that best fits your personal style

Not everyone loves to doorknock, and others are better at email than they are at cold calling. The all-new SmartTargeting lets you choose the follow up style that best fits your style.

CheckIn with potential sellers by:

  • Calling or emailing
  • Door knocking or door dropping
  • Hosting an event
  • And more!

4. Track every interaction -- in mere seconds -- and access them later

Most agents are talented at finding commonalities with potential clients, but it’s almost impossible to remember these talking points the next time you’re in touch with the contact.

With SmartTargeting, you can log every interaction by:

  • Uploading a photo or video of the home, neighborhood and more
  • Recording a voice memo recap of your conversation
  • Tapping out a quick text memo with your insights about the homeowner

Whether you CheckIn via the mobile app or at your desk, every action and insight is synced across the SmartTargeting platform.

Ready to take advantage of the best seller solution on the market?

The all-new SmartTargeting can take you to new heights in 2016. To begin leveraging the power of predictive analytics, automated marketing and smart CRM technology, reach out today.

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