Finding your comfort zone: How developing the right follow up style can change your business forever

August 22, 2016 by SmartZip in Articles 

Many real estate coaches offer one-size-fits-all follow-up plans to agents, who pay big bucks for scripts and task assignments that promise to take their business to the next level. For the right agent in the right market, these coaches are a great motivational fit.

In many cases, though, a “one-size-fits-all” plan can damage agents who are forced to follow up with real estate seller leads in a manner that feels deeply unnatural. It’s easy to picture a shy agent failing at doorknocking, but when they compare their results against their 100-person “mastermind group,” this shy agent will likely feel that THEY are the problem.

From an outsider perspective, it’s easy to see that the shy agent isn’t bad at their job. They’re simply not leveraging their own personality when following up. Not every agent is aggressive enough to doorknock or strong-spined enough to keep going after someone slams a door in their face. Similarly, not every agent is adept at messaging their business online or knowledgeable about organizing community events that help them to meet local homeowners.

The truth -- which we often gloss over in real estate -- is that by following up in your own style, you’ll not only be at ease, your seller leads will feel more comfortable, too.

CheckIn how you want, when you want

Our one-to-one account managers have been chatting with agents for years about their follow up woes, and we used that feedback to generate our latest technology. CheckIn is a smart CRM technology with deep insights about the homes and homeowners most likely to sell.

The point of CheckIn is to empower every agent, every time they follow up with a real estate lead. This all starts with letting agents match their follow up style with their personality.

When it comes time to get in touch with a prospect or seller lead, you can use CheckIn to:

  • Email
  • Call
  • Doorknock or door drop
  • Host community events
  • Perform your own preferred outreach

After each CheckIn, you can log your interaction with each client in just a few seconds. One natural interaction can lead to more casual conversations and a natural rapport with the homeowners who are most likly to sell. You never leave your comfort zone, and your prospects remain in your sights until they’re ready to list.

Here’s what SmartTargeting client Shannon Lindstrom said about CheckIn:

I love the new CheckIn app! This evening, I called a potential seller using CheckIn and was able to log my notes about the call in just a few seconds after the call. Guess who has a new listing appointment? Yours truly. Thanks so much for making my crazy, busy work life a lot easier.”

Ready to land more listings while staying in your comfort zone?

It all starts with a narrowed focus on the homeowners most likely to sell their homes. SmartTargeting offers the predictive analytics and the tools you need to engage these prospects and seller leads naturally until you get the listing. Get started by checking out the listing predictions in your area.

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