Five questions with Revealty agent Katie McCartney

February 10, 2016 by Zenia Kawas in Articles 

Katie McCartney, a Realtor with Revealty in Worthington, Ohio, is a nine year real estate veteran who holds a Business Degree in Management Information Systems, a 2014 10 Under 40 Honoree and is a huge proponent of community service. With such a diverse background, we wanted to know more about Katie’s influencers, her biggest lesson, and why she is better than Google.

1. What led you to become an agent?

My son led me to my career as an agent. I was looking for a low cost, low overhead business with flexible hours and NO BOSS. I was truly unhappy in the corporate world, and when I became pregnant with my son I wanted to be happy for him. I wanted to show him that work can be fulfilling and not a drudgery.

I tested the waters first and held two jobs to ensure that being a Realtor was the right course of action for me. I have to say that it was not easy but in the long-term, it was well worth the change for me and my family.

2. Who are your greatest influences?

I have three! My husband, who has been a patient, understanding cheerleader throughout this process. Without his support and encouragement, the first years of my career in real estate would have been unbearable. Next is my dad, a community leader who did so much for the people around him. It was hard not to notice how much of an impact that had on him as a person and as a small business owner himself. And last is my Strategic Management Professor my senior year at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, who knew I would never be satisfied with a traditional “job.”

3. What's the biggest lesson you learned from your experience in real estate so far?

I’ve come to realize that the services I provide are not for everyone and that’s okay. The Realtor I am, the person I am -- some people gravitate to it, and others don’t. This is also the beauty of what we do as agents. Stick with what works for you and stick to your core values. Your core values make you an individual in the sea of other people who are selling the same services.

4. So, what DOES make you unique? How do you stand out from other agents?

I have great resources that I trust, and I provide options and a ton of information for my clients. I think of myself as a go-to resource, and have experience people can tap into. Last, I love what I do.

It doesn’t go unnoticed. People have told me that I am better than Google! I find that to be a compliment and a testament -- not all questions can be handled by Google. It goes to show that even in our highly resourceful, digital society, real estate is still very much a relationship business. People still need resources they can reach out to and ask in person.

5. SmartTargeting is a technology product enhanced by marketing and CRM. What part of it appealed to you most?

Well, what most appealed to me about SmartTargeting is the big data piece of the equation. I have a Business Degree in Management Information Systems. You can say I am a bit of a data geek. I was in the first classes in college that offered Internet Marketing as a course I’ve never stopped thinking about how to do it right.

For me, having data on human behavior is invaluable. It’s not foolproof, but it narrows down the pool of potential prospects and makes it a bit easier to hit the right person at the right time.

Lastly, the marketing that SmartZip provides is a great tool to add the arsenal to make yourself THE Realtor of choice in your area.

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