Friday Finds: How getting uncomfortable, creative and frank can win more real estate and mortgage clients

July 29, 2016 by Zenia Kawas in Articles 

With summer flying by and now July coming to an end, we realize you may have missed a few of the discussions online this month while you were busy listing and selling properties. Here's what caught our eye.

High prices and low inventory has been a trend in many areas. Vallejo, California however, has maintained a #1 spot as the hottest housing market for two months in a row this summer. Take a look at some of the other areas that are heating up.

There are always new marketing channels and ideas surfacing, but direct mail is one that has been around forever. Many homeowners respond well to real-estate related mail, but it’s important to keep it fresh. If you are looking for ways to make your direct mail marketing pop, Joel Sussman for Inman News gives us these three tips: don’t give away too much information, make the homeowner want to see what is inside, and engage the recipient.

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Real Estate Social Media expert Katie Lance is always studying and creating best practices for agents to market themselves using some or most of the social media platforms online. Katie realizes the the options can be overwhelmingly time consuming and confusing. Here Katie shows us how we can economize our time, incorporate creativity and get more clients.

Big data isn't just for finding homeowners most likely to sell their property. See how National Mortgage News explains how mortgage professionals are now harnessing the power predictive analytics and using it to score new loans.

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You’ll work with all kinds of homeowners, some more interesting than others. Chances are you might run into some that are serious pack-rats or hosting an unusual smell in their home. When you find yourself having to think of gentle ways to express harsh truths just remember: positioning is everything! If you have to communicate uncomfortable realities to your clients, here are 7 things you SHOULDN'T say to them, and some advice on how to better phrase your suggestions. All said, being uncomfortable isn’t always all bad! Falling into a routine can become mundane. Help yourself grow by pushing your limits and trying these 10 “uncomfortable” ideas that will help you be more successful.

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