Friday Finds: 5 ways predictive analytics is changing real estate, 14 confused words, and Millennials and homeownership

April 15, 2016 by Zenia Kawas in Articles

Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining more. Of course, spring is also a time for cleaning and refocusing. Make sure you are clearing out things that clutter your home as well as your day-to-day business.

It’s a great time for homeowners to consider putting their house on the market. Making a connection with your clients is key. Addressing them by name, finding out what is expected of you, learning their story and educating them can go a long way in a low inventory market.

Building these client relationships takes nurturing, so here are some tips for how to clean up your language and best practices for engaging with homeowners.


While springtime boasts a hot market, it is a competitive time, and many Millennials find it difficult to afford a home as first-time buyers. Lots of millennials are looking into “ tiny homes” to cut down on housing costs.

In bigger cities like Manhattan, a new development of micro-unit apartments are in high demand. With monthly prices nearing $3,000 for apartments under 375 square feet, we’re not sure free wi-fi is a big enough perk.

For young people lucky enough to own, remodeling their homes is en vogue. To accomplish this, they are turning to savings instead of growing equity in their homes.


Check out what our CEO Avi Gupta has to say about how predictive analytics is changing the face of real estate. SmartTargeting’s predictive analytics takes out the guessing and puts you in front of the people most likely to sell.

While you’re refocusing this spring, think about how you can revamp your lead generation and approach hot sellers with enticing, customized content content marketing.


Working the weekend? Cheer up with the week’s five best real estate memes, courtesy of Broke Agent.

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