Friday Finds: Being generous, why buying a home feels like falling in love, and 3 spring housing trends

April 29, 2016 by Zenia Kawas in Articles

It’s easy for real estate agents to get caught up in the craziness of the work week, but it’s always beneficial to take a step back and remember that anybody can appreciate an act of generosity. Take a look at this heartwarming article on the importance of generosity and how it can impact those around you.

On the subject of giving, we asked three industry leaders how they make contact with others in their communities. What they told us is not only effective but inspiring. Some of their best ways of gaining prospects is through charitable giving. See what they do that works.

Buying a home is a huge decision that requires thoughtfulness, commitment, and patience. In fact, it can feel a lot like falling in love. Engels and Volkers agent and client Shannon Brooks beautifully takes us along the analogous exciting and emotional roller coaster ride of finding the ONE, popping the question and vowing to love it forever. (Or, at least for now.)

Are you an organized agent? Do you wish you could stay more organized? The key to being an organized agent starts by getting into the habit of working like one. Practice makes perfect, so the more time you put into keeping track of your client information, the easier it’ll be for you to stay organized. Here are 5 tips to help you become a better mobile agent. SmartZip has recently added CheckIn app to our predictive analytics platform and suite of marketing tools enabling agents to document all of their farming activities on the go!

Some housing trends are emerging now that spring has sprung--it’s looking like a seller’s market, buyers may be looking at newer homes, and buying may be cheaper than renting. Check out the full article here. While these trends may be applicable to many markets in the country, millennials in the south have specific attitudes about what home-ownership means.

Finally, at SmartZip we always appreciate a good laugh. For James Corden fans or anybody needing a pick-me-up, watch this video of James trying to sell a high-end home in Los Angeles to JJ Redick.

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