Friday Finds: Millennials in the workplace, and questions every leader should ask

April 10, 2015 by SmartZip in Articles 

Welcome to Friday Finds, where we highlight the week's best blogs, videos and ideas -- and random stuff that we couldn't help but forward to our friends and clients.


This post on questions leaders should ask had us reeling all week. After all, leading is about more than dictating the company vision. It's also about inspiring the best people to do their best work. Plus, in a world where ego is sometimes confused for confidence, we loved these tips on how truly confident people operate differently, and how that can drive success.

Gen Y is often portrayed as distracted or entitled, but they will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. This article from Jones Loflin talks about how millennials aren't really looking for work-life balance, and why that's a good thing in today's hyper-connected world.


This Inman article, written by ex-nurse Melinda Goodwin, is a great reminder of how to stay stress-free and efficient on even the craziest days of the spring market. We're a big fan of pre-writing blog posts and forcing yourself to stick to patterns so your output doesn't lag or become inconsistent.

One of our brilliant developers, Patsy, swears by Focus@Will, a site that plays "music scientifically optimized to boost your concentration and focus." Once you have the music playing, set a 25-minute timer and disallow any distractions (including email!) to boost your efficiency. If you're an overachieving developer, set the timer for 42 minutes instead -- that's the peak time for productivity when you're stuck in difficult code.


If you've still not given up on hovercrafts, then we have the article for you. This visual piece from Mashable highlights a few of the tech inventions we're all still dreaming of.


We got some great press this week. Big thanks to Katie Lance for her article profiling SmartZip and our president and CEO, Avi Gupta.

The San Francisco Business Times also chronicled SmartZip's upcoming move to a 36,000 square foot office space that will hold our ever-growing team of 150+ employees. (Looking for a new gig? Check out our current job openings!)

SmartZip is the leader in big data and predictive analytics for the real estate industry.

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