Friday Finds: ICNY, building an incomparable team, and the best home staging EVER

January 29, 2016 by Judy McHargue in Articles 

As Inman Connect in New York City winds down, we are still sorting through all the amazing insights and advice we gleaned from speakers, attendees and our fellow vendors. Below, we share some of our best #ICNY finds, and other great stuff we found this week on the internet.


If you missed ICNY or the live stream, be sure to this recap of Inman keynote speaker Seth Godin. Our favorite takeaway: Management is different than leadership. Management is about compliance and leadership is about collaboration.

From within the real estate industry, the inimitable Leigh Brown also spoke at ICNY. She was allowed to talk about anything she wanted, and she honed in on how more agents need to stop complaining and start hustling. See her speech here -- though we'll warn you, it contains some colorful language.

One last ICNY takeaway: Our CEO Avi was invited to a meeting of the minds on Monday night and the dinner was profiled on Inman. If ever you've wondered how to get in touch or get in front of a leader you hope to speak with, we suggest you take Melissa Kwan's advice: "Invite them."


If ICNY (or the recaps) left you inspired to do better this year, we recommend reading this piece on how one agent grew a solo shop to a 100-person brokerage bringing in more than $400 million in sales annually. The ticket isn't fancy technology, but effective technology.

Plus, here's a great take from Travis Robertson on if you have what it takes to be a team leader. Remember that if you're growing quickly, it's important to distinguish between the need for a licensed team member vs. a marketing and admin assistant, or a lead-gen specialist. What would be best for you and your business in the long-term?

Do you work in an urban area? Use this piece to help homeowners in your area understand how advantageous the market is for city-dwelling sellers. We all know the housing crunch is on in areas like San Francisco and Washington, D.C., but this article truly describes how unique today's market is.

Need something fun to share with your sphere on social media? Check out the weirdest law in every state in America. And remember, you must NEVER give a moose a can of beer when in the state of Alaska.

We love the idea of staging a home to incorporate Pantone's "Color of the Year" -- which this year, is a blend of rose quartz and a melty, light cornflower blue. These hues are perfect for brightening up a home during the cold winter months.

Of course, not everyone is into pastels, so you may want to think outside the box for some sellers. How about recommending a working rollercoaster that allows you to see every home of the house? That's what these genius homeowners in the Netherlands did when their house wasn't getting as many showings as they'd expected. (Thanks to Boredom Therapy for the original link.)

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