Friday Finds: Red, white and the (customer service) blues

July 3, 2015 by SmartZip in Articles 

As you head into the holiday weekend, we gathered up our top six reads of the week, all of which detail how to handle tricky situations in the office or while working with clients.

Red: Assessing your anger management, and the most embarrassing #RealtorProblems

As we all get a little more impatient and used to immediate feedback and gratification, it can be easy to get fired up for no reason. But as a culture, are we all starting to have basic anger management tendencies? Take this test on LinkedIn to see if you need to learn how to dial it back when things don’t go your way.

Of course, red doesn’t only have to indicate anger… it can be the color of sheer embarrassment. We love this classic piece detailing #RealtorProblems on the Lighter Side of Real Estate.

White: How to make a fresh start

Whether you’re just starting a new job and are trying to find coworker friends, or just got off on the wrong foot, it’s never too late to deploy these tried-and-true methods for becoming the colleague everyone invites to happy hour.

Wondering what your next move is? We love StrengthFinders, which offers a comprehensive analysis of your top personality and performance traits. Test out the introductory “Top Five Strengths” package to learn your strengths and how to put them to good use.

Blue: What to do when negative reviews attack

Living in the digital age means that brands can track -- often in horror -- as customers share their experiences with anyone who will listen. And let’s be honest, people don’t usually take to Twitter to share a positive interaction with a corporate entity. The solution to these customer (and then, company) blues?

Some say it’s service recovery, which means doing anything to get a good review… even refunding the customer with ridiculous demands. This article recaps what top hotels are doing to achieve service recovery, and it matches well with what real estate professionals deal with as they service buyers and sellers. The goal of service recovery is not just making a negative a positive, it also means giving your employees the empowerment they need to track and finalize the transaction.

If you’re specifically dealing with online feedback, we can all agree that the best case scenario is to have a plan in place for dealing with feedback before it becomes an issue. While you can’t control the message your unhappy clients are putting out online, you can control who monitors and responds to them, and who needs to approve interaction before going live with an apology or rebuttal. Remember, every second counts on news feeds, so try your best to identify a lean team with great judgment who can tackle your online review strategy.

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