Friday Finds: Avoid First-Year Real Estate Rookie Mistakes, Hottest Markets, Best and Worst Renovation Ideas

July 8, 2016 by Zenia Kawas in Articles

A few things have remained consistent this summer--the heat, and that it is a great time to sell! It’s not an easy decision to make since a home is a massive investment, but having a confident real estate agent helps homeowners know they’re in good hands. If you are a new agent, check out these tips second-year agents share to help others learn from their first-year mistakes. Technology will continue to improve and make our lives better but whether you are a newbie or a veteran, technology will not be able to replace the need for agents. We love learning about new apps and sites, but the internet isn’t enough to help somebody find their dream home and can’t provide the personal touch and hard work a great real estate agent would.

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You can use your confidence to help your prospects decide if now is the time to sell. No doubt they'll need you more than ever to help with the roller coaster of emotions involved in selling a home. Although it is a joyful decision, the road to relief is peppered with anxiety and some sadness. If a homeowner is on the edge, you may be able to convince them by telling them about some of the hottest markets right now. They can join us here in the Bay Area, which claims many spots on the list! In fact, California is one of 12 states where homes are selling the fastest.


Once you have gauged their readiness to move, it is time to prep. If the owners are looking for what upgrades to take on, here are some of the best and worst renovation ideas this year. Minor updates to the kitchen are always a great idea, but they might want to think twice before adding a bathroom.


One of the most appealing factors to buyers is simply having a clean home--it’s a simple and inexpensive way to improve the home before selling. In fact, having a clean home makes such an impression that some believe it can help the home appraise for more. With all these steps in mind, your clients should be well on their way to getting their home ready to sell!

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