Friday Finds: Don’t Worry About Snapchat Yet, Reverse Migration, Ali Partovi

May 20, 2016 by Zenia Kawas in Articles

If you’re looking for fun new ways to communicate with your clients take a look at the Realtor emojis that the California Association of REALTORS® (CAR) released specifically for Realtors. CAR’s emoji keyboard includes more than 30 emojis symbolizing everything from an open house sign to champagne popping. We love that Realtors now have a creative way to communicate exciting news to their clients.

Realtor Emoji.jpg

Social Media is another great way to engage directly with clients and market yourself. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, all platforms allow you to show off your creativity and local knowledge. However, with so many emerging platforms it’s hard to prioritize which ones are best to use. A recent article from REALTOR® Magazine may be welcome news for agents suffering from social media overload. Here is why you don’t need to worry about Snapchat… yet.

It’s always interesting -- and until recently, fairly predictable -- to see where different demographics settle down. Typical migratory patterns would suggest that young college grads will flock to the big city, middle-aged parents to the ‘burbs and retirees to the warmer weather. But Baby Boomers are throwing the cycle out of whack. Empty nesters are beginning to bypass the slower sunshine states in favor of coming back to the city life they left when they were forced to be “responsible parents”. The reason for this so-called “reverse migration”? Seniors are sick of the suburbs, and love the amenities and services available in cities. (In short, your mom or grandma may think Uber is as awesome as you do.)

Another intriguing trend is occurring in Atlanta’s luxury home market. Home sales are on the rise, up 25% in the last year due to TV and film companies using the area to shoot popular shows and movies. Zombies and James Bond have helped assist in this housing boom, and local Atlanta Agent Christina Bach Norman with SmartZip client Collette McDonald & Associates assists these entertainment professionals -- and was even one herself!

As we rapidly approach mid-2016, we pause for a moment to take another look at the set of goals we created when the year was young. SmartZip agent Ali Partovi has created some serious goals for his real estate business with plans to get 50 listings in the next year. To ensure he achieves his goal, he’s implemented a strategic prospecting and marketing approach with the help from SmartTargeting. Ali farms a large area but focuses his marketing on those most likely to sell in his high-turnover area. By keeping track of them on the Check-in app, he is able to stay on top of leads and focus on the 150 predicted listings that will occur in his area this year.

Home buyers appreciate working with respectful and culturally sensitive agents. There are many opportunities with Hispanic, Asian, and LGBT home buyers. Let your clients know you value and embrace diversity by working with emerging markets. While pursuing these opportunities, keep in mind these four trust building tips: be reliable, be authentic, listen, and show respect.

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