Friday Finds: A toilet house (seriously), staging tricky homes, and boomerang buyer tips

November 13, 2015 by SmartZip in Articles

As the industry convenes at #narannual in San Diego, we've gathered up this week's best real estate articles and advice. Read on for content about boomerang buyers, unique homes you won't believe and tips for staging outdated or overly trendy homes.

The next time you think you have it hard selling a listing, consider trying to offload a "toilet house" or one built entirely underground. Here are 30 houses you won't believe exist in real life.

Image via ArchDaily

Thinking of becoming a real estate investor? This recap outlines a few top strategies, and the REtipster blog was designed specifically for real estate investors.

If you're a company thinking of applying to the NAR REach Class of 2016, we highly recommend the experience. Apply for the best accelerator program in the industry here.

Painted baseboards and molding are back in fashion, and they can be a great way to spruce up a home that looks outdated. Here are tips from on how to paint these areas.

Gallery walls are all the rage, but they go against the basics you learn in Staging 101. Here's a fantastic tutorial for creating a structured gallery wall that won't turn off buyers.

Image via Real Simple

Two million "boomerang buyers" — buyers who previously lost a home to foreclosure or short sale — are expected to reenter the market in the next five years. This piece examines this unique audience and offers advice on how they can responsibly own again.

The numbers are out! The 2015 NAR Profile of Buyers and Sellers is live, and packed with deep insights on who your client base is and what they want. Read the highlights for free, or purchase the complete report.

Heading to NAR Annual in San Diego? Don't forget to visit us in Booth #645. We've got great swag and even better company there to chat with you about your business, and big data too!

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