Friday Finds: Fall outreach, tips for building a team, and the ROI of listing photos

October 16, 2015 by SmartZip in Articles 

Thinking of starting a team? Here are some tips from Zillow to get you started on the path to collaborative success, and advice from a leading coach on why teams fail.

Blogging and email newsletters are a waste of time if no one bothers to read them, but they can be a boon to your business if you do them right. Read Placester's advice for how to increase your email clicks and opens, and get back on track with your digital marketing.

Harley Davidson has spent the last ten years figuring out how their one brand can appeal to everyone from millennials to baby boomers —and they're succeeding. While the tactics you use to engage different age groups might be different, the motorcycle giant shows that brands can keep the same look, feel and messaging across varying demographics. What can real estate learn from this?

If you plan to ramp up your social media posting and ad buys in 2016, don't wait until January to create your plan. Katie Lance's #GetSocialSmart is a six-week coaching program that will train, empower and hold you accountable as you learn to drive leads and engagement on Facebook and other social platforms.

Low inventory continues to sweep the nation, but many homeowners are tiring of the "It's a great time to sell" message. It's time for a new conversation. When talking to empty nesters or other aging homeowners, try playing up the idea that their home can help fund their retirement. Here are four ways retirees can tap their home for income.

The industry has desperately needed a report on listing photos, and this week, the numbers finally came in. We have healthy skepticism about some of the commissions claims but we do think one stat is worth shouting to the hilltops: Listing photos, on average, now cost just $160. At that cost, there's no reason every home on the market shouldn't boast professional photos.

Tell us what you really think: Are corner lots, as this article suggests, for suckers?

Fall is a great time to reach out to past clients for various reasons. This Inman article gives three ideas for who to contact, and why. Remember, in just one month, the chaos of the holidays rolls around and your sphere will be harder to get ahold of.

Ready to land more listings this fall?

To learn how to predict sellers in your area and follow up with them via targeted online and offline marketing, reach out for a free demo today. You have nothing to lose but a higher commission potential.

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