Friday Finds: A $2 million drone fine, TRID/RESPA woes, homes with no electric bills (ever)

October 9, 2015 by SmartZip in Articles 

Greetings from the first full week of October! Here are the best industry resources and client shareables we found online this week.

As the market shifts to accommodate first-time buyers, there is no shortage of content to share with this audience. This expense checklist doubles as a glossary of important financing terms.

Here's a great TRID/RESPA explainer to share with clients who have questions. If you're still hating on the new process, keep in mind that mortgage application volume surged 25% last week in advance of the regulation roll-out. That's a small win, right?

If you've been assuming the FAA isn't really tracking or fining drone operators, you're wrong. An operator was just fined $1.9 million for violating FAA laws. (And if you think you're fine flying on private property under 400 feet, read this.)

From handshake contracts to follow up fails, every great salesperson has made one big mistake in their career. Learn from some top names about their biggest mistakes, and what they learned from them.

The media lives to cover the latest 25-year old wunderkind app inventor but we love this video, where Gary Vaynerchuk makes the case for the 40-year old entrepreneur. Remember: Experience is invaluable.

When it comes to alternative housing, tiny homes are so yesterday. Check out a Polish city made from shipping containers, zero energy homes for under $200,000, and a couple living in industrial luxury... in their garage.

Garage image from Houzz

Garage image courtesy of Houzz

LinkedIn released their list of the top real estate professionals under 35, and save for Ryan Serhant, who doubles as a BRAVO TV personality, none are from a traditional brokerage model. Check out LinkedIn's Next Wave of Real Estate.

As it cools down in seasonal markets, some houses may need a little TLC. Reach out to past clients with these seven ideas on how to prep their homes for winter. Some of the tips are a bit labor-intensive, so you may also want to include this tip on when to DIY and when to hire a contractor (or recommend your own locally preferred contractor).

And to close off the week, here are five real-life awkward moments in real estate. Has anyone out there started an internet therapy group for real estate agents whose buyers watch too much HGTV?

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