Friday Finds: Back to school edition

September 11, 2015 by SmartZip in Articles 

Get smart about: seasonal marketing and events

As summer ends, your sports sponsorships might be dying down... but it's not quite time to host a pumpkin patch for clients and neighbors. This blog by Point 2 offers four great back-to-school marketing and event strategies for real estate agents, including how to get in with the Parent Teacher Association and a great plan for a back-to-school themed party. Don't forget to take advantage of this busy time of year!

As the blog says, you can also turn a back-to-school party into a charitable school supply drive for a local school or educational program. Don't forget to frequent big box stores and dollar stores to get great deals on supplies you can donate to get everything started!

Get smart about: connected home technology

Can you talk about smart home technology with clients? If not, you may want to brush up on the topic. According to a recent survey run by Coldwell Banker, 25% of homeowners own smart home devices, and that number jumps to 50% when you look at the millennial demographic (aged 18-35).

Get acquainted with the best smart home devices in this quick slideshow from self-described "tech geek" blog Tom's Guide. If you're looking for the best home lock technology to give as a client closing gift (or that you can use to replace your decade-old listing lockbox), check out August. August is a member of the 2015 NAR REach program and we were seriously impressed by their team when we met them at Inman Connect in San Francisco.

Last, check out this great overview from CB Insights of the startups hoping to change everything you do in your home. The list goes beyuond smart home technology to include meal delivery startups, solar products, mattresses and more.

Get smart about: social media for real estate

As schoolchildren around the country master algebra and Spanish pronunciations (darn you, dipthongs!), you may be staring at Facebook in disgust. How come your latest post isn't getting any love? What are these new carousel ads, and how can you create one? Oh and... isn't social media supposed to be fun?

If you're ready to get serious about social strategy, remember that Facebook is now a pay-to-play space for most businesses. Here's a great tutorial from Katie Lance on how to boost your Facebook posts, and marketing maven Jennifer Snyder offers five reasons your past Facebook ads failed here.

If you're hoping for some daily inspiration and a casual mastermind group that can help keep you on your toes when it comes to social posting and lead generation, join Katie Lance's new #GetSocialSmart Facebook group.

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