Friday Finds: Planning for 2016, email newsletter how-tos, and automation best practices

September 18, 2015 by SmartZip in Articles 

All the news, fit to drip

It's been awhile since we've talked about email newsletters, which can be an extremely effective strategy for engaging and keeping in touch with past and potential clients. If you're starting from scratch on this initiative, review this fantastic RESAAS blog post that will help you determine the who, what, why, how and when of your newsletter.

From there, follow these more in-depth tips to develop a modern real estate newsletter — no recipes allowed! Remember, too, that the days of small thumbnail photos are over. Optimize your newsletter for mobile by including large landscape photos or illustrations that will stand out even on a mobile device.

How to automate without giving yourself away

While sending automated property alert emails is pretty standard, agents are now automating everything from their inbound lead responses to their marketing campaigns. What are the best ways to leverage this emerging technology, and when should you be sure to pick up the phone for a personal interaction?

This overview from Cision discusses everything from language to triggers to frequency — all of which we take into account when creating SmartTargeting's automated marketing campaigns for sellers. We'd add that if you ever have an open-ended form on your site, it's important to respond personally to any requests that come in. If a buyer is looking for mortgage approval, but your automated intro is an overview of your listing services, they're likely to be turned off. Automation should bring prospects and leads through a funnel, but unless they are opting in to a specific offer or have clicked on a specific listing for more information, you should always respond with a hand-crafted response.

Business planning for 2016? Check out these resources and apps

If you've been at a real estate conference in the last five years, you've likely seen industry leader Jeff Lobb speak. We love hearing his ideas for full platform solutions, but we also were excited that he put together his favorite apps into one place.

If you'd prefer a printed checklist over a to-do list app, check out these great real estate focused checklists from My Outdesk. We especially love the New Listing Checklist.

If you usually do what Google tells you to (and don't we all?), don't miss this insider post on the top takeaways from Google's Ignite Real Estate event this week.

Real estate women to watch

After Inman announced four women as their 2015 Innovators of the Year, we started looking at other women who are pushing the industry forward and making changes to the status quo. Here's a great profile of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate CMO Jennifer Marchetti. If you've been following the massive success (and acquisition history!) of BHGRE, you know that a big part of their growth can be attributed to their perfectly on-brand message that extends from their client communications to their internal culture. Kudos to Jennifer for developing and elevating the brand so effectively.

This week in awesome

After seeing the guys from The Broke Agent in action at Inman Connect SF, we can't get enough of their hilarious industry takes. As we head into the weekend, check out this post on why real estate agents might imbibe at the end of a long day. (And if you don't want to make 50 calls a day, maybe you are ready for some targeted predictions on who's actually going to sell this year. Just saying.)

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