Friday Finds: Agent reviews, FHA loan restrictions and why you lost that listing

September 25, 2015 by SmartZip in Articles 

Friday is here, and we're ready for a leisurely fall weekend. As you curl up on the couch or wait for your open house to begin, we invite you to read up on the top real estate news and trends we identified this week.

How to really (no, really) nail customer service

We always love the advice of coach Debbie DeGrote, and this article on how to emulate Nordstrom throughout your business is a great representation of her thought leadership. If you read nothing else, delve into the importance of assessing employee personalities before you hire them. Consider how this advice could change your business: "Nordstrom does not train people to be nice or care or be responsible. They hire that kind of person, empower them to make decisions and take matters into their own hands, and encourage them to serve customers."

Agent reviews -- why they matter, and how to make them stand out

Agent reviews are a hot-button topic these days. Rather than focusing on the Zillow/Trulia review issue, we urge you to read this article about a Toronto broker using reviews not only to influence new clients, but also to shape his business. It's a great reminder that every time you get a client review, you should do more than scan it for a testimonial or quote. You should consider how you can use it to create the best possible experience for clients in the future.

Plus, instead of posting a one-sentence glowing review, we recommend taking this advice from Real Satisfied's Jeff Turner. Turner shows how important it is to dive into the life stage and personal story of a client. The one-sentence review that you did a great job means very little to prospective buyers and sellers, but two paragraphs detailing the client's back story, their struggles, and how you helped will allow prospects to jump into the narrative and see you as the agent who will work tirelessly on their behalf.

Why'd you lose the listing?

If you've had the same listing presentation style for a decade, it may be time for an upgrade. Gurus Tim and Julie Harris have a fantastic podcast that details in three episodes why you may be losing listings even after you meet with the homeowner. Here are parts one, two and three, which will help you reassess your current process so you can stand out from competitors and win more business.

If you're not an audio learner, try reading this RE/MAX Above article that focuses on the same topic. With advice from Hall of Famers Dave and Vanessa Fauqier, you're likely to learn something you hadn't considered before.

The future of big banks and FHA loans

Are the FHA's ever-decreasing credit and down payment minimums helping first-time buyers, or are are we backsliding into the territory of sub-prime mortgages? Read about how big lenders like Chase and Wells Fargo are pushing back against FHA standards, and how that could affect millennial buyers and other first-time buyers in the next few years. Do you think keeping standards low will be an advantage or disadvantage for buyers over the long-term?

We're honored!

Thanks to Chicago Agent Magazine for awarding our flagship product, SmartTargeting, as the "best prospecting system" in this year's Best In Real Estate Tech Issue. We also owe a thank you to the panel of experts who recommended our product -- including Jeff Lobb of SparkTank Media, Katie Lance of Katie Lance Consulting and Matt Dollinger of Gearbox Consulting.

This week in awesome

We love perusing Pinterest for new visual ideas (follow us here!) but sometimes, it's great for generating laughs after a long day. Does anyone relate to this?

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