Friday Finds: Renovation mistakes, maintaining a staged home, and buyer lead scripts

September 4, 2015 by SmartZip in Articles 

Renovations on a budget, and remodeling mistakes to avoid

It happens all the time — you walk into a potential listing, and you know immediately that with some basic updates, the home could really shine on the MLS. Use this great article from Zillow to share low-budget remodeling ideas with potential seller clients. We especially love the idea of covering the entryway to add curb appeal for less.

If you're facing sellers with sky-high renovation plans, remind them that most massive remodeling projects don't recoup the ROI, so smaller projects will benefit them more when they list the property. Share this infographic with them if they aren't buying it.

Keeping a home ready to show, even with kids or ambitious staging

If, on the other hand, you've landed the listing but your sellers can't seem to keep their home looking tip-top for showings, it may be time for some tough love. offers tips on how home sellers with kids can maintain a clean, clutter-free home while it's on the market. If the kids are excited to be moving to a new or bigger home, we especially love the idea of giving them new "daily selling chores" so they are a part of the process.

If the listing needed a lot of staging, some sellers may not know how to maintain a new clutter-free home (or one that's been stripped of its storage solutions). This fantastic tutorial from Circa Real Estate Group gives simple maintenance suggestions for even the busiest sellers.

What do the best real estate blogs have in common?

If you're blogging but not seeing much of a return, it may be time to return to the basics. This overview from Showing Suite offers the four things every good blog needs in order to drive traffic. Remember that blogging doesn't just mean devoting time to the writing itself — a good blogger determines a relevant topic for their audience, finds the right visuals and headline, and posts the blog on a website that really lets the post shine. We'd also add that promoting the blog is as important as publishing it. You'll never get any conversions if your audience doesn't know you're putting out great content. Here's a quick checklist you can follow to build your blog audience and promote your content.

Looking for blog-spiration? This post from Placester is a great roundup of the best blogs in the real estate industry.

Scripts for pre-qualifying buyer leads

Whether you're getting buyer leads from your amazing new blog and content promotion strategy, or dedicated lead generation sites, it's important to have a plan for qualifying these leads and moving them through your pipeline. This excellent podcast from Tim and Julie Harris offers scripts to help you determine motivation, and push for conversion. Last, it will tell you when it's time to give up on an inbound lead without feeling guilty or wondering what you did wrong.

Ready to land more listings this fall?

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