Friday Finds: Powerful words, pricing and technology, and winning the anti-agent power play

June 17, 2016 by Zenia Kawas in Articles

Listing season is heating up! It’s always exciting to get a listing appointment, but in order to win the listing you have to come in prepared. One of the biggest issues that arises is settling on a price for a home. Ideally, you and the homeowner are being open-minded and flexible--in this podcast Inman shares some pricing tips for a market that is constantly changing. Local knowledge is the foundation for a great listing appointment, but slipping in some strong keywords might help you get that listing. Words like “together” and “open” help leave an impression. Check out all ten words which, according to Jason Demers, CEO of AudienceBloom, when used in the proper context may help you open the door to a meaningful and mutual negotiation.

opening the door

Technology is an extremely powerful tool and becoming more powerful everyday. At SmartZip we are continuously creating innovative tools and analyzing data points in order to empower agents to identify and win listings. Meg White and Realtor Magazine show us how technology will begin to affect how agents can more easily show listings, identify local climate, noise and temperature levels and help agents advise on eco-friendly decisions for buyers. The article also points out that as other industries innovate there will be no rest for real estate technologists. These new platforms are exciting and will create demand for more programs. SmartZip is excited to announce that we have made the coveted Red Herring Top 100 list of most valued private companies in North America as well as being nominated as a finalist for the Inman Innovator Award for Most Innovative Real Estate Company.

Inman News Innovator award

There will always be homeowners who want to go through the buying and selling process without an agent. This can be a tricky situation to approach, especially with stubborn buyers or sellers. There are a variety of reasons you can share to convince people they should never buy or sell without an agent. Real Estate Agents are amazing problem-solvers and excel at overcoming objections that come their way. They are excellent negotiators and expert marketers with numerous connections in the business.

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In today’s sellers’ market, finding listings is increasingly difficult. We can help you narrow your focus to the homeowners showing seller signals. Check listing predictions in your area.

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