Going all-in: One agent's plan to get fifty listings through SmartZip this year

May 26, 2016 by SmartZip in Articles 

Ali Partovi joined the real estate industry just two years ago, but he’s already making a dent in his market of Port Orange, Florida. From the onset, Ali hoped to land more listings so he could grow a strategic team.

He chose to purchase SmartTargeting, a predictive analytics platform that uses big data algorithms to identify sellers and targeted marketing and follow-up tools to help agents close more contracts.

Better response, higher intent

Ali had tried farming in his subdivision, but he was averaging just a 1% response rate. With SmartTargeting, Ali’s automated marketing only targets the top 20% of most likely sellers in his territory. That means he’s able to farm a much larger area, but is optimizing his marketing spend to those most likely to sell. On average, Ali’s direct mail campaigns average between 15-28 leads, and the leads are all tracked in one easy platform.

The key to listing success? Never missing a CheckIn

Once a lead has followed up via SmartTargeting, Ali’s team follows up immediately to determine their selling intent and align the team’s future outreach. Ali loves SmartZip’s new CheckIn app, which enables on-the-go follow-up for even the busiest agent.

“I love the CheckIn app! If I forget to follow up with a lead, I get a text message saying I’m overdue and need to reach out. As agents, we get so overwhelmed and inundated and emails get buried easily. So it’s great that I can keep on task with a push alert, then click just one button to call or text at that exact moment.”

Building for the future

In less than two years, Ali’s team has landed 13 listings in their territory, and they’re currently working dozens more leads. But their territory has extremely high turnover, and the team has a lofty goal to match. They hope to earn one-third of the 150 anticipated listings for their territory this year. To make this happen, Ali is restructuring his team. One agent will work as a listing lead specialist, focusing only on their territory’s Top 20%.

“By working the leads in a pretty casual way, we’ve landed 13 total listings in less than 18 months. And by truly doubling down in our territory, we hope to land 50 in-territory listings in the next year. We’ll do this by dedicating one agent to exclusively work on landing leads in our SmartZip territory.”

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