How Georgia broker Sandra Shurling takes farming to a whole new level

November 1, 2016 by Marie Leon in Articles 

Sandra ShurlingWe recently had the privilege of chatting with Georgia Realty Finder Broker and SmartZip client Sandra Shurling about her business and her success in real estate. Immediately upon connecting with Sandra we noticed a distinct differentiator. A sound rarely, actually never heard in a client interview was undeniably audible on the other side of the phone. It wasn’t the shuffling sounds of an office. We weren’t on speaker in the car. It was, goats bleating. Yes, goats. Sandra was busy performing a rather unique community service.

Common in Monroe, GA this time of year there was a park in Sandra’s community experiencing an overgrowth of kudzu, a particularly destructive type of climbing, coiling vine. Sandra, with goats in tow, went about removing the vine to help avoid further problems. Sandra adeptly managed her flock and shared some pretty special tips and strategies that she uses to get listings in her real estate farm. Here’s what she told us:

How do you market to prospects and stay top of mind?

“I love to be able to get in front of prospects in a manner that is consistent and meaningful. I always wanted to send postcards but it was a daunting task. When I found out there was a program that makes marketing to the right people so effortless I was intrigued. I called SmartZip and was able to select the area I wanted to focus on, identify, and target my marketing to the people most likely to sell and send them a postcard or hand written letter.”

SmartZip Mailers

“I know it works because I get calls from people who have received my postcards. A few months ago I customized the handwritten letter to talk about offering support to an organization dear to me called Wounded Warriors. The response rate to that letter is going through the roof. The organization makes coats designed specifically for wheelchair-bound veterans. The coats are tailored to each specifically so they fit perfectly. The coats are expensive. To help make them more affordable to veterans I offer $50 to Wounded Warriors for each transaction I close. Clients appreciate this and are happy to be part of it.”

“I also use SmartZip’s landing pages like crazy! I have the 7SellerTips website in my email signature. I love having it there to go out to anyone I email.”

Lastly, “I know my prospects are thinking about selling. I don’t rush them. I help nurture and prepare them. When the time is right I am the agent they list with. They don’t choose me at the time they list, they chose me long before that because I was there with them from the beginning.”

Georgia charm

What success have you seen from SmartTargeting so far?

“I am only halfway through my first year using SmartTargeting and have had 4 closed deals come directly from the program. From those, I have had multiple referrals. The first listing was for $900,000! SmartTargeting is doing a lot for me. It is helping me gain business for the future, not just today.”

What advice would you give to an agent considering SmartTargeting?

“I would definitely recommend SmartTargeting for any agent who is willing to work hard for new listings. I would advise them to take the SmartTargeting training seriously and learn everything that the program has to offer because there is so much available to take advantage of. I think that this program is so much better than any lead generation site out there. With SmartTargeting you get better information and you get to build relationships with real people.”

“I think it’s important to understand that this isn’t an instant gratification program. The people on the top 20% list need nurturing. They are not ready to sell their home today. For most people, this is the biggest purchase and decision they have ever made. Maybe they are being relocated for a job and that can be traumatic. I like being here for people when they are ready. I have no problem answering questions for curious homeowners. I want people to feel like they can ask me anything. I strive to help my clients prepare to sell their home. I am very relationship oriented.

What’s next? Is there an approach for nurturing your top 20% you’re not doing now but would like to?

“I am currently working on a door knocking campaign to reach out to the whole top 20%, not just the people that have responded. I have brought on-board 2 new agents to assist with this campaign and together we will be able to reach out to everyone soon. I have created a door knocking letter to go along with a small gift to give to the people in my Top 20%.

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to assert your own prospecting style with those in your sphere and in your farm who are getting ready to sell? We can help you identify the homeowners showing seller signals. Check listing predictions in your area.

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