How to stop throwing leads away while maintaining your sanity

August 2, 2016 by SmartZip in Articles 

You spend a lot of time generating leads, but do you have an effective plan to nurture them once they appear in your inbox?

For many agents, the answer to that question is “no.” Stats show that 46% of leads never receive a follow up, meaning that many agents are spending thousands of dollars on leads that never lead to anything.

We’re not here to chastise you. We are here to help you prioritize your leads, and to offer daily tools and apps that help you efficiently follow up with the right people at the right time. Below is a quick overview of how a platform with a built-in smart CRM can help you maintain your sanity and land more business.

Get a daily, actionable checklist that isn’t too overwhelming

In The Compound Effect, author Darren Hardy outlines how small changes over time can have a massive impact on your business or personal life. The concept of the book is based on the financial phenomenon of compound interest -- by saving from age 25-35, an account will yield more over time than if someone saves from age 35-65.

Similarly, by completing a small, consistent number of daily actions in your real estate practice, you can make a big impact when it comes to generating more business. With SmartTargeting’s smart CRM and mobile CheckIn app, you can follow a daily action board to ensure that you stay on task.

Your action board co-mingles your hottest leads with some cooler contacts who need attention. Each week, you will connect with the homeowners most likely to sell, putting you on the right path to listing success.

Follow up in the way you prefer

The key to following up isn’t to force yourself into a follow up style that feels out of character. It’s to find a style that works for you, then make it as effective as possible.

SmartTargeting allows you to CheckIn via email, phone calls, door drops or door knocks, event hosting and more. The point is to follow the CheckIn alerts in whatever manner you feel most comfortable.

Track your history over time

Bulky CRMs can take hours to keep up-to-date but with a smart CRM, you can log every interaction as you go. In just a few taps, you can record the contact’s selling intent, personal details about your conversation, or even a photo of a room they plan to remodel before selling.

The next time this contact pops up in your “daily action board,” you can review past notes and talk on a personal level. Think of a smart CRM as the digital photographic memory you always wanted.

CheckIn from anywhere, anytime, from one app

Realtors tend to have a lot of short spurts of down time each day. Rather than spending this time on Facebook or Instagram, you can use a smart CRM app to CheckIn with one or two prospects at a time.

Shoot off a quick email to a past buyer who planned to paint their walls right after moving in:

“Just checking in -- did you find the right shade of ecru? If you’re still on the hunt for the right paint, I have a contact at Home Depot who can help. Let me know how it’s going!”

Or, you can make a call to a seller you worked with ten years ago who is showing current seller signals. Every minute you spend doing outreach can make an impact, so don’t overthink it. Just open your CheckIn app and start crossing off contacts!

Follow up (because other agents won’t)

The easiest way to land more business is to take every lead seriously. Buyers and sellers are routinely blown off by other agents, so it’s imperative that you give them the personal attention they expect (and deserve) from day one.

Find a better way

If you’d like to learn more about how a smart CRM can help with your outreach, contact us today for a free, no-obligation demo.

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