Six Simple Strategies to Heat up Summer Prospecting

June 4, 2018 by Adam Long in 

With longer days and warmer weather come more opportunities to connect with neighbors, friends, past clients and those percolating prospects you've been marketing to. You have their contact information in your CRM -- now let's reign them in and get personal. Here are six ways to engage potential sellers in your sphere and your farm this summer.

1. Put a shine on potential sellers

Hold a car wash with team members, title rep, lender or friends. It's a great way to get people's attention and keep it for at least a few minutes while their car get's shined up. Let them tell their story, get to know them, hand out your card and let them know you not only clean up nice, but you sell a mean house.

Pro tip: If you're wishy about washing you can also team up with a local car wash to offer a Buy One, Get One deal. You can print and distribute branded coupons to residents in your neighborhood and sphere. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a car wash. You could also partner with a restaurant, bakery or any local business to give a discount on a certain product or date. Just make sure it’s dual-branded to represent your business.

car wash

2. Cool down your hot prospects

Look over your CRM to find the homeowners who have been in their homes for five years or more. If it's within budget, send them each a $5 coupon for a local ice-cream shop. Send a personal note, saying that you're thinking of them as they celebrate their kid's graduation // prepare for empty nest mode // take the trophy coaching their final major's baseball season.

Having a hard time identifying who's hot and who's not? Consider SmartTargeting Sphere. Tap into predictive analytics to see who has the highest selling intent among your personal contacts and farm. Get a quick demo today.

Icecream truck (Image courtesy of Tim Ferguson)

3. Indulge a thirsty open house crowd

Since open houses typically tend to be during peak heat, for your next hot showing hire a mobile lemonade or ice cream truck to sit out front. Market a free cup or cone to the first 25 open house attendees. Hand out coupons at the end of their house tour. Personally presenting the coupons opens the doors to easy conversation and helps you make a cool impression. A truck outside draws more interest in the neighborhood.

4. Socialize your recent accomplishments

The next time you have a brag-worthy sale, be sure to post and boost the information on your social media channels. Here’s a sample post to get you started:

Image overlay text: JUST SOLD IN THREE DAYS — FOR 12% OVER ASKING!

Post text: "Even in today's crazy low-inventory market, I'm still getting my clients 8% more than the average county closing price! Call me if you want to talk about selling your house or getting a market value estimate."

5. Run brand-building online ads

online ads

As you close your summer listings and send out your Just Listed // Just Sold mailers to your farm, don't forget your CRM. Consider including sphere contacts on your mailing list or perhaps hit them online. Design some general ads with your name and expertise, then run them on social media channels targeting people you already know. Even though you sold them their house just two or three years ago, in some cases, they may be ready to list, or more than likely have a friend who needs the help of an outstanding agent.

6. Host an outdoor movie or music in the park

People love coming together and being outdoors when the sun goes down and the temperatures cool. Work with your local park commission or recreation department and plan a movie or concert. Put up signs with your brand and signage at the event. Invite people to bring their families and friends, blankets and food and walk around meeting people and shaking hands before the movie or while the music is playing. It's a great atmosphere for making friends and strong impressions. If you plan it, people will come.

See how you can find more opportunity in your sphere and farm and get your "unfair" share of listings this summer. Check out SmartTargeting, hear from agents who use SmartZip and get a no-pressure demo, today.

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