What does spring marketing look like in YOUR market?

March 3, 2017 by SmartZip in Articles 

Temperatures in New York last week were in the 60’s hitting 60°F, while San Francisco’s forecasters were warning of snow. In the midwest, Minnesota saw record highs in mid-February, only to be hit with a winter storm warning a week later.

No matter where you call home, it’s likely that you are scratching your head about this “spring” market and how, exactly, you’re supposed to work around the crazy weather it’s bringing.

Here are our top four tips for marketing your way through a spring selling season full of wild weather.

1) Make a plan for existing listings
If you live in a snowy region and your active listings feature exterior snow shots, it’s best to get these photos swapped out as soon as the snow melts. Of course, if you live in an area that gets pummeled by winter weather, the yards of your listings may look a little brown in the first few days of spring. Work with a professional listing photographer to help determine the best timeline for taking in-season photos that still “wow” online buyers.

If the newly uncovered yard will need significant work before you can take new exterior photos, consider changing the first photo in your listing slideshow to be a beautiful interior shot of the main living space. Keep the snowy exterior shots at the end of the slideshow so you remain transparent without losing potential views from buyers who will bypass snowscapes.

Snow fun

2) Look at your pipeline
At the beginning of the year, you likely created goals for how many buyers and sellers you wanted to represent this year. Remember that while the first month of the year is typically slow, February through May is the busiest time of year for most agents! If you aren’t ahead of your annual goals, it’s time to ramp up your marketing and outreach.

3) Focus your marketing campaigns on the market — not the weather
It’s pretty common for agents to set up marketing campaigns that focus on the change of seasons — whether it be St. Patrick’s Day greetings, Daylight Saving Time reminders or a “Spring has sprung!” ecard. And while many members of your sphere may open these greetings, they may not make the jump to call you when it comes time to buy or sell.

To mobilize your base, it’s important to make sure they’re educated on their local market — and that they associate you as their local market expert. So as you review your spring marketing campaigns, see if there is an opportunity to inform and educate, rather than just say “hi.”

Thoughtful agent

  • If you’re seeing record-low days on market, say so!
    If you just sold a house for 9% over asking, say so!
  • If you helped an out-of-town couple land a house in the hottest neighborhood in town via multiple offers, say so!
  • In short, while it’s great to offer seasonal greetings, you want to be sure that your marketing efforts are reinforcing that you are a market expert who can help them navigate the tricky market.

4) Use the weather to build a social media base
The best content is relevant to everyone who sees it. So if you’re experiencing bizarre weather, use it as an easy way to engage your friends and fans on social media. Post funny cartoons that relate to the general mood of your area and you’ll be sure to see a boost in engagement.

Spring cartoon

Even better, post about how the weather is affecting you as a real estate agent. Write a post about what you’re experiencing that is new or different because of the weather. Bonus points if you can find the humor in it!

  • If the snowmelt revealed a yard full of fall debris on a house you just listed, and you spent the afternoon cleaning it up with the home’s current owners, post a before and after photo to show how you go above and beyond for your clients.
  • If a windstorm blew away one of your Open House signs, post a “LOST” ad and offer a $30 reward to whoever returns it unharmed.
  • If you’re using boot covers to help keep your listing’s floors and carpet clean during showings and open houses, post a “Who wore it best?” photo contest on your social media page.

Ready for more spring listings?
Whether you’re hoping to win more sellers from your local area or your sphere of influence, we can help. SmartTargeting uses predictive analytics to identify the home sellers most likely to list in your area or database.

Let us help you get ahead of the curve. Reach out today to see listing predictions in your desired area.

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