Our SmartZip Experience: Scott Loney and Alicia Worley

May 16, 2017 by Marie Leon in Articles

SmartTargeting clients aren’t just left alone after they purchase our predictive marketing platform. From day one to day 100 and beyond, there is a tremendous amount of support available to every member of the SmartZip family. Hands-on learners can view online trainings, while those who prefer one-on-one assistance can contact any member of our Client Services team to get fast help on analytics, marketing campaigns, follow-up strategies and more. The support that we provide our clients truly sets us apart from other companies.

We also value client feedback tremendously. Many of our product updates are based directly on the experiences and recommendations of active clients who reached out with ideas and improvements. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Loney and Alicia Worley, who provided me with their early feedback on the SmartTargeting platform.

Scott and Alicia shared that they recently canceled their subscription with a close competitor, a product that seemed to just provide them with predictive analytics. After weeks of trying to get ahold of someone at the company who could offer direction or answer questions, they decided to cancel.

“Honestly, I wish we would have joined SmartTargeting to begin with. It would have saved us a lot of time and money” – Alicia Worley

Here is what Alicia and Scott had to say about their SmartZip experience so far:

What was your main reason for purchasing SmartTargeting?

Scott Loney: SmartTargeting has way more to offer than your competitor does. In addition to the predictive analytics, we have automated marketing, a working CRM, and an amazing lead nurture campaign. We have received a tremendous amount of support and direction. The system is very user-friendly and I love the automated marketing. I’m beyond satisfied with the switch.

Why did you choose to cancel your subscription with our close competitor?

Alicia Worley: There were a lot of reasons for leaving, but mainly it came down to their data being so outdated. It was extremely frustrating to have to work with outdated information. SmartTargeting is extremely accurate and isn’t a time waster.

S: I can honestly say I am glad we switched to SmartTargeting. The competitor left me to my own devices after I signed up. So much of their data was outdated and there wasn’t any support. I called constantly and left messages with the company and no one ever returned my calls to answer my questions, until I said I wanted to cancel. It was like all they cared about was receiving my money rather than providing a service. It was clear that I needed to start looking in another direction.

How would you describe your onboarding process thus far?

S: Everything so far — product, service, all of it — has been awesome. Eli Rimes and Cherese De Castro have been fantastic.

A: You all have been so great at taking our calls, training us on the platform and making sure we know what we are doing. It really has been awesome so far. Your close competitor, did have some training videos, but they weren’t live like your webinars and honestly they were horrible. Scott and I aren’t new agents so their ‘training videos’ were useless to us. If you were a brand-new agent, I could maybe see those videos being helpful. But for a seasoned agent, they were lame. I don’t need a company telling me what I already know. I just want directions on how to use what I just bought to the fullest. I wanted clear direction on how to use everything and they just didn’t have that. Honestly, it seemed like they are just trying to copy what you guys are doing, they just aren’t doing it as well.

With our close competitor, did you have the option for automated marketing?

A: You know we were basically on our own with them, they didn’t provide any mail outs that I knew about.

Have you been able to explore our automated marketing and utilize the 400+ customizable postcards we have to offer? What feedback do you have?

S: Yes! Whoever is designing these is doing a great job! I really like the postcards and online ads.

SmartTargeting is focused on targeting the right homeowners. How would you compare the homeowner information and data provided to you to what the competitor provided?

A: It is really awesome that you have algorithms to help us identify the people to focus on. The competitor claimed to have this too, but it did not seem to be accurate at all. For example, for the people they told us were the most likely to sell, they showed a “last contacted date” as the justification for their claim that the homeowner was considering selling. The date was semi recent, February 14th, this is how they verified the homeowner data. But we often found that their verification wasn’t foolproof. Scott and I are very proactive people, so we soon found out that when we went to door knock these people, most of the time the person who answered the door was a new homeowner. They would tell us that they bought the house from the homeowner we were trying to meet. This happened very often and it was extremely frustrating. It was embarrassing, and it was a waste of time and money. We were paying your competitor a good amount of money and they were giving us out-of-date information.

S: They called the targets but I really don’t know how often they did that. Also, the notes they left were very minimal. For example, one would say ‘called but they didn’t answer the phone’ and they didn’t try again. Which wasn’t very helpful.

We’re excited to have recently welcomed Scott and Alicia to the SmartZip family, and we’re delighted that they’re finding SmartTargeting to be an ideal solution from them. If you’re looking for one platform that covers real seller predictions and real marketing and follow-up help for agents who are ready to win more listings, reach out today.

Huge thank you to Scott and Alicia for sharing their experience with me. I hope 2017 is a great year for you both!

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