What's in your WOW package? Five agents and brokers share top strategies

March 28, 2016 by SmartZip in Articles 

As savvy sellers access everything from automated CMAs to their neighbor’s sold price online, it can be hard for agents to offer unique value propositions in their outreach efforts. We asked five top agents and brokers from across the country what they put in their “WOW” packages that is, what they send or doordrop to prospective clients who have (in most cases) contacted them about their services.

Hand-delivered market reports

When Brett E., a RE/MAX leader in Fort Myers, Florida, gets a response from his targeted sellers ads, he prepares a package with a personalized letter, information on his team and their unique approach and a local market report. If a homeowner sees him dropping off the package, he personalizes the touch by telling the owner that he was already in the neighborhood and decided to hand-deliver it. If Brett has the prospective seller’s email address, he places them on an email drip campaign so he can automatically reach them each week for 8 weeks.

Custom messaging about the home in question

Keller Williams agent Shannon L., of Minneapolis, Minnesota, describes herself as “someone who is incapable of doing just the basics.” When a respondent follows up to one of her mailers or SmartTargeting ads, Shannon responds with an email and a customized package with messaging that relates to their home and the unique neighborhood that she serves.

“I work an urban area with a lot of competition and varying home types — everything from gated luxury listings to lakeside condos. When I follow up, I match my verbiage to their exact home type and mention things like walkability so they know I’ve put thought into the communication,” Shannon said.

A book that’s too nice to throw away

In Fort Wayne, Pennsylvania, RE/MAX broker Alison S. prefers to send every respondent a high-end, professionally bound pre-listing book called the “Home seller’s guide.” Alison has found that this is especially important for respondents who don’t offer their email or phone number when they follow up to targeted ads and mailers.

“When responding, not everyone gives emails and phone numbers. So I quickly developed a home seller’s guide, where I offer information related to pricing, staging, considerations about listings and showings, as well as an overview of the cyclical nature of the market. I bind it all up to look like a little book, and any time anyone responds to my marketing, I send that out. It’s weighty and meaty enough that homeowners aren’t going to toss it out like a postcard. In fact, we see it when we go to listing appointments the homeowners often bring it out, so I know they’ve kept it and have looked it over to learn more about the listing process.”

A professional package that’s been tested for optimal results

Jay M., a RE/MAX broker in Scottsdale, Arizona, sends a strategic “Shock and Awe” pre-sell package to homeowners who respond to his marketing. Jay’s team either sends it via FedEx or drops off the package at the potential listing address. Jay notes that he spends about $28 per package, so it is a higher-end approach than many other WOW or BOMB packages.

Watch the video below to see what’s in Jay’s package, or read in his own words:

“Inside the professionally bound portfolio is my bio, home staging ideas and common seller mistakes to avoid, tips to increase selling price, and a 200-step action plan that my brokerage promises for each listing. I also provide a branded flashdrive as a gift. I purposely doesn’t leave a CMA because if the homeowner has already responded to my marketing, they have received an automated CMA from me and I want to be able to get into the home to verify the value myself. We’ve tested and re-tested this package to find what gets the best results with homeowners in our area.”

A cost-effective package with a unique call to action

Another broker, Century 21’s Jim B. of the Tampa Bay area, knows that his agents are often too busy to create updated market updates and packages for their prospective clients. As a way to keep his agents engaged but not tethered to their computers creating marketing materials, Jim creates a local Property Wizard publication offering a national market analysis, local market analysis for their resort community, recent Just Listed/Just Sold announcements, and general seller advice.

Jim’s agents can create a branded cover page and add unique calls to action to track their results and responses. The agents in the brokerage send these mailers first-class to keep down the return to sender rate, as there are many absentee homeowners who live in the area. Because Jim creates the piece for his agents, he can say with certainty that his agents pay just $.14 for each copy they send to potential clients.

Ready to land some listings?

To send a WOW package, you need the ability to identify and target market top seller candidates. All the agents in this pieces use SmartTargeting, a data-backed, automated marketing platform that engages the homeowners most likely to sell in a hyperlocal area.

To get a free, no-obligation territory check that will show your area’s potential turnover and commission potential, schedule a demo today.

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