What are the "stickiest markets" in America?

November 25, 2014 by Gina Thelemann in Articles

In just seven years, we've seen a surging buyer's market with foreclosures and short sales comprising a majority of sales, to a clear seller's market where rising prices and low inventory led to the return of multiple offers.

Now, as we enter a balanced market, we had to wonder:

Over the last seven years, in which markets were people the least likely to move?

Methodology: We started with markets (CBSAs) with more than 100,000 properties. From there, we analyzed:

  • The average year over year rate of turnover (home sales) per market over the last seven years
  • The median length of time a homeowner lives in their home across each market

Together, we weighted these two scores to determine which markets have had the best retention during the market correction.

Here are the top 10 stickiest markets in America:

Here are the least sticky markets in America:

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