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July 27, 2016 by SmartZip in Articles 

When you think of automated marketing, you may think of canned, impersonal messages sent to a large audience. But when done correctly -- and when it leverages data and insights about your target audience -- automated marketing can be just as personal as a phone call. Below are three ways we’ve found that automated marketing can work to target and boost engagement from potential home sellers.

1) Let data and analytics help you target a smaller audience of top prospects

In the past, farming required you to flyer an entire neighborhood with the same message or a Just Listed postcard. You may have been sending marketing materials to a homeowner who purchased six months back or even to a competing agent. Because your list lacked intelligence, you were forced to send way more marketing pieces than were necessary while hoping to hit a few homeowners in your target audience.

Old-school farming was expensive and time-consuming. And because the message had to be so innocuous, it usually took a long time to produce high-quality leads.

With an automated marketing platform like SmartTargeting, you’re not just paying for someone else to write the copy, design the postcards and send the campaigns to your farm. You’re also able to narrow down a massive, neighborhood-wide list to the homeowners most likely to sell. By focusing your sights -- and your marketing -- to your “Top 20%” of seller prospects, you can send more compelling campaigns. The copy can be seller-focused because your list is comprised only of potential sellers.

Plus, the list automatically changes over time so you never have to watch for selling signals or update a bulky CRM.

2) Segment your audience into smaller groups

What about agents who know their audience really well and who want to market to specific demographics or homeowners? Automated marketing can also help you segment your list into smaller groups of similar home sellers.

SmartTargeting and other marketing platforms let you categorize groups like condo owners, move up or move down targets, absentee homeowners and more. You still won’t touch a single stamp or troubleshoot a printer -- but you will get the personalized feel of a one-to-one conversation.

While postcards are a common way to farm to a segmented audience, many agents have great success using digitally “handwritten” letters. This technology has the look and feel of a personally written letter but it’s actually printed and sent without an agent having to write one word. Agents can select from various handwritten letter templates to draw out homeowners with specific types of properties or those looking to move up or downsize.

3) Play up your brand’s look and feel without hiring a designer

Whether you’ve been in the industry a few months or 15 years, it’s important to have a brand that appeals to your target demographic. Many marketing campaigns are one-note and have only one design available. Larger platforms like SmartTargeting have hundreds of designs so you can find pieces that match the look and feel of your market -- whether that’s starter homes in Tuscaloosa or Miami waterfront condos.

If you already have a dedicated brand identity, you can also upload your own images into SmartTargeting’s automated marketing platform and approve them in one easy step. The goal is to eliminate middlemen, including expensive designers, and to help you avoid 11th hour emails to your print vendor.

Getting started with automated marketing

As you can see, automated marketing platforms like SmartTargeting can help you simplify your outreach and use your marketing dollars wisely by focusing on the homeowners most likely to sell. If you’d like to see listing predictions in your area or check out our robust marketing library, reach out today for a free demo.

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