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Big data

SmartZip has in-depth knowledge on over 95 million homes and homeowners across 56,000 neighborhoods nationwide. Our data allows you to find and engage likely sellers determined by our proprietary predictions engine.

At SmartZip, we have 1.3 million gigabytes of data* on nearly every home and homeowner in the U.S. For more than seven years, we've been working to make overwhelming data sets useful and actionable for the real estate industry. We're the only company empowering agents to focus on the homeowners in the best position to sell using big data and predictive analytics.

*That's the equivalent of 80,000 16GB iPhones. So if you want to get technical, we have more data than an entire college town.

Predictive analytics

Our team of expert data scientists and economists analyze the vast pool of data to find specific triggers that could lead to a seller transaction. SmartZip runs hundreds of models against thousands of variables to determine the most relevant signals for predicting listing behavior in each area of the country.

Why is this important? Neighborhoods are unique. In Manhattan, the most relevant seller signals are nearby home sale prices and household income, whereas in San Jose, seller triggers include homeowner age and LTV ratio.

Plus, we back-test our predictions and transparently share the results; as a SmartTargeting client you'll get real-time stats on how our predictions match against actual market activity.

A sample of our variables

Listing price trends

Time in home

Loan status

Number of residents

Owner savings

Home equity

Herd effect

Kids in home

Last selling date


LTV ratio


Consumer habits

Homeowner age

Price appreciation

Credit status

Hobbies and interests

Net worth

Loan details

Life stage

Occupation and industry


Marital status


Our data partners

SmartZip's data powers the real estate industry's biggest sites. You can find our estimated home values (AVMs), neighborhood market trends and more on these sites:

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