Pre-Mover Scores

Grow your transactions by targeting the homeowners most likely to move

SmartTargeting for Brokers, Lenders and Enterprise

With SmartTargeting for Enterprise, you can analyze your marketing database or any geographic area to look for top prospects based on SmartZip’s Pre-Mover Score. Next, streamline your sales and marketing efforts through SmartZip’s automated marketing platform to focus on the homeowners scientifically predicted to move within the next six months.

Score your database

Score and rank every contact in your marketing database to identify your best prospects

Score any geographic area

Analyze and score any geographic area (large or small) for new business opportunities

Focus on top prospects

Optimize your marketing spend and increase your conversions by targeting higher quality prospects

Generate leads automatically

Generate steady flow of leads through automated marketing campaigns designed to increase engagement

Get a competitive advantage

Reach borrowers before other lenders identify them as potential clients

Expand your business

Analyze geographic markets nationwide to identify the best locations for business growth

How to get started

Start with a Pre-Mover Score

We’ll start by using predictive analytics to provide a Pre-Mover Score for every contact in your database or to the homeowners in a selected geographic area. The more likely someone is to sell or move within the next six months, the higher their Pre-Mover Score. You can segment your top prospects based on their scores and allocate your marketing and sales efforts appropriately.

Automate your marketing to likely movers

Now you have a targeted approach to your marketing campaigns. You can avoid wasting marketing dollars and stop prospecting to people who aren’t interested. Instead, launch targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns to those with the highest moving scores. You’ll benefit from reaching out to homeowners at just the right time, giving you a clear advantage over competing lenders.

Check Pre-Mover Scores in Your Area

Identify homeowners most likely to move and generate qualified leads with SmartTargeting's pre-mover scores.