Score and rank every potential mover

Focus on the people who are 2-3x more likely to move or sell this year

What is the Pre-Mover Score?

A Pre-Mover Score indicates a contact’s likelihood to move or sell within the next six months. If a homeowner has a score above 900, they are 3x more likely to move or sell. Whether you are a credit union analyzing your member database or a larger bank analyzing an entire state or region, you will use the Pre-Mover Score to narrow your focus to the individuals who are most likely to sell or move this year. By focusing on this “pre-market” segment, you can gain their trust at the right time and land their business before competing lenders know they’re ready for a loan.

How is the Pre-Mover Score determined?

SmartZip’s predictive algorithms analyze thousands of home and homeowner data points, housing market trends and demographic information to scientifically identify selling triggers in every neighborhood across the U.S.

From there, the predictive models analyze the contacts from your database, or the homeowners in your selected geographic area, to determine their likelihood to move or sell. Each individual is given a Pre-Mover Score based on the selling or moving triggers they’re exhibiting.

Higher Pre-Mover Scores predict higher turnover

Across the country, the average turnover in a sample of 1 million homes is 4.5%. By scientifically identifying who is most likely to move based on patent-pending predictive algorithms, you double or triple the likelihood of a transaction occurring in the next 6-12 months.

  • Homeowners with an 800+ Pre-Mover Score are 2x as likely to move
  • Movers scoring 900+ are 3x as likely to move and have 13% turnover on average

Focus your marketing efforts on top prospects

In a sample of 1 million homes, you can expect on average to see 4500 transactions in a 12-month timeframe, or 4.5% turnover. With SmartZip's Pre-Mover Score, you can identify homeowners that have a higher likelihood to move (scores 800+) and target your marketing and sales efforts to those top loan prospects. With a more focused and targeted approach, you can:

  • Improve ROI on marketing spend
  • Get higher conversion rates on marketing campaigns
  • Segment prospects based on score to concentrate your efforts

A sample of our variables

Listing price trends

Time in home

Loan status

Number of residents

Owner savings

Home equity

Herd effect

Kids in home

Last selling date


LTV ratio


Consumer habits

Year built

Price appreciation

Credit status

Hobbies and interests

Net worth

Loan details

Life stage

Occupation and industry


Move up/Move down


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