Putting big data to work

How predictive analytics identifies sellers

It all starts with big data

In order to predict behavior like home buying and selling, you need a great deal of data, both big and small.” SmartZip sources private and public data from many trusted national sources, giving us deep insights and smart decision-making tools for over 100 million residential homes across the US

For the last seven years, our expert team of statisticians and economists have been working to make these overwhelming data sets actionable for the real estate industry.

Use predictive analytics to identify local sellers

Our machine learning algorithms use this vast pool of data to find local seller signals and make predictions about future listing intent in any area, large or small. Pre-Mover Scores are calculated from an ensemble of machine learning models in different geographical areas and levels. A deep library ensures the right model is matched to the right data in different locations.

With a SmartTargeting, you get access to selling predictions that allow you to narrow your focus on predicted sellers in your farm or sphere so you, your team, your brokerage or your enterprise win more listings and grow your business.

Optimize a local territory

Together with a SmartTargeting expert, you'll map custom territories that offer you and your agents the highest turnover and commissions potential in your targeted geographical areas.

We back-test and share the accuracy of our predictions starting on day one. Your agents will always know how their territory's performance is stacking up to local market activity.

A sample of our variables

Listing price trends

Time in home

Loan status

Number of residents

Owner savings

Home equity

Herd effect

Kids in home

Last selling date


LTV ratio


Consumer habits

Year built

Price appreciation

Credit status

Hobbies and interests

Net worth

Loan details

Life stage

Occupation and industry


Move up/Move down


Our data partners

SmartZip's data powers the real estate industry's biggest sites. You can find our estimated home values (AVMs), neighborhood market trends and more on these sites:

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