SmartTargeting Sphere

Win listings and referrals from people you already know

Find more listing opportunities and referrals from your sphere

Sphere, now a part of SmartTargeting, combines predictive analytics with automated marketing to help you stay connected to your sphere and grow your listings business. You'll unlock seller predictions within your sphere and build your brand and referral business with automated marketing campaigns.

With SmartTargeting for your Sphere, you can:

Find potential sellers within your sphere

Leverage SmartZip's predictive analytics to know the selling intent of everyone in your database

Gain referrals from your sphere

Stay connected with everyone in your sphere to keep your brand fresh and increase referral business

Stay top of mind with all of your contacts

Be the first agent that comes to mind when someone you know is ready to make a move

Set yourself up for listing success

Sphere allows you to leverage deep homeowner insights and predictions to stay top-of-mind with your entire sphere. Identify and advertise your services to top-ranked sellers at the perfect time, while growing potential referral business from your personal networks. Sphere is the only tool that maximizes every opportunity available in your sphere.

Analyze your sphere for opportunity

Once you import your contacts into Sphere, you’ll have access to valuable data and insights, including each contact’s likelihood to sell in the near future. Knowing who has the highest probability of selling gives you an opportunity to reach out and connect with your contact at the right time and avoid missing out on listing opportunities.

Keep your brand consistent, year after year

Sphere includes an easy-to-use online advertising marketing platform, where you can be rest assured you are keeping your brand fresh in the minds of your entire sphere on a long-term basis. Online ad campaigns can be setup at any pace you choose, and will be delivered to Facebook newsfeeds, mobile devices and tablets, and 90% of the leading websites they visit.

Right message, right person, right time

Your sphere or contact database typically includes a wide variety of people that need different messages based on your relationship. Sphere lets you segment your database into custom advertising groups, to make sure the brand and message you send resonates with everyone. You may have choose a branding campaign for friends and past clients, and a lead gen campaign for the top prospects in your database.

Find More Business in Your Sphere

Leverage a smarter platform to build a robust pipeline of new, repeat, and referral business.