Your success is our success

Be confident knowing we’ve got your back

From the moment you join the SmartZip family, you'll get the support and resources needed to amp up your listings business. Our success resources include:

  • An account management team that keeps you on track
  • A Support Center with constantly updated FAQs and tips on farming smarter
  • SmartZip University, our customized coaching program
  • The SmartZip Facebook hub, where SmartTargeting agents share advice and best practices

CheckIn features you’ll love

Get advice and one-to-one support

What's standing between you and massive listing success? Let our team of account management pros identify your weak spots and offer ongoing guidance to fill in the gaps. Whether you need light administrative assistance, marketing deadline alerts, or strategic follow up templates, you'll get the help you need.

Enroll in SmartZip University

Join us live for webinars led by industry experts to learn how you can stand out in your market area, online and more. Plus, search and watch past recordings to get advice on farming, follow up and more.

Get peer-to-peer advice

Nothing is more valuable than advice from someone who's been in your shoes. Join our private SmartZip Facebook hub, where clients share ideas and successes, ask questions and recommend product updates. SmartZip team members monitor the hub to share important product launch news and to provide fast feedback to client questions.

Get quick tips when you need them

If you prefer to learn at your own pace, our support center offers a vast library of FAQs about how to leverage SmartTargeting, and other best practices for farming and staying ahead of the curve in your territory. Plus, we share client success stories so you can take advantage of proven method for reaching your top prospects and landing listings.

Check Listing Predictions in Your Area

Identify homeowners most likely to sell and generate qualified seller leads with SmartTargeting.