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Case Study: Anthony Manzon


Anthony Manzon
REALTOR®, CEO - Team Manzon
Keller Williams Realty
Chula Vista, CA
Median Home Value: $405,000


  • Seven in-territory listings using SmartTargeting
  • Successfully promoting Team Manzon’s brand using automated marketing


Anthony Manzon, is the primary listing agent and CEO for the The Manzon Team. Anthony is an avid door knocker and is constantly hosting open houses and knows how to leverage each relationship he makes. But as his business grew, he knew he wanted to leverage a smarter, more time-effective solution that put him in front of more likely sellers.

That’s where SmartTargeting came in. SmartTargeting is a farming solution that’s backed by predictive analytics. With SmartTargeting’s data, agents can focus on the homeowners most likely to sell and target them with one-to-one marketing campaigns.This maximizes their efforts on a smaller budget and allows them to grow their listing pipeline more strategically.

“Before SmartTargeting we did all of our marketing in-house. We did everything from design to delivery to the people in our farm. SmartTargeting has made it easier to select postcards to send out to our farm in just a few minutes.”


After illuminating the most likely sellers in any geographic location, SmartTargeting makes it simple for real estate agents market to these potential sellers and build relationships to convert leads into customers. Anthony is very intentional in his proactive efforts, so SmartTargeting’s focused approach goes hand-in-hand with how he talks to homeowners at various stages in the listing process.

“We got advice from another agent using SmartTargeting and they suggested to personally write short notes as a form of follow up. Those personal handwritten notes were sent to everyone in our Top 20% and this really helped stay connected and make homeowners feel more comfortable with us.”

Since Anthony knows who to focus on, he is able to reach out and door knock the homeowners even before they decide to sell their home. One to two times a year, he door knocks his entire Top 20% of predicted sellers. He also makes sure to focus on the homeowners who have responded to his marketing efforts. It depends what part of the follow-up process he is in, but he always makes sure to bring something valuable for the client with him. A bonus? Many local homeowners already know Anthony before he gets to their front door.

“When I go to door knock our targets, it is more of a warm introduction. These are the people who are already receiving our mailers and know our brand. It makes this type of outreach that much easier.”


Prior to SmartTargeting, Anthony and his team were creating everything from flyers to door hangers for the people in his farm. Now, he can maximize his efforts and save money on marketing costs by mailing to the people most likely to list in his selected geographic territory. The team’s favorite aspect of SmartTargeting is the automated and targeting marketing that is sent out. All of the automated marketing through SmartTargeting is designed to build their brand and focus on the homeowners who matter most.

“We talk a lot about the marketing and how easy it is to set up. We love the selection of postcards and what a positive effect it has had on our homeowners.”


Anthony and his team are extremely intentional with their follow-up and proactive efforts. He is leveraging each listing and open house to build even more relationships with the people in his farm area.

“As soon as you are intentional about being proactive, that is when you will really see results. ”

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