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Case Study: Bill Boswell


Bill Boswell
Coldwell Banker
Wyckoff, NJ
Median Home Value: $400,000


  • Six listings in his first year using SmartTargeting
  • 10.1% Response Rate utilizing SmartTargeting’s automated marketing


Bill Boswell and his partner Ron Aiosa are seasoned real estate agents each with 12 years of experience. Both were named Platinum Level recipients of the NJAR® Circle of Excellence Sales Award® for 2014, the highest level recognized by NJ Realtors®. Working traditional residential and luxury markets Bill and Ron dominate their geographical area by building trust and long term relationships with their homeowners.


When it came time to grow their business and expand their market Bill investigated a variety of tech and marketing tools. When he learned about SmartTargeting’s predictive analytics with its ability to focus on homeowners most likely to sell their homes in the next 12 months he was convinced this was the direction he wanted to go. Having the listing predictions to maximize his marketing efforts Bill closed six listings in his first year.

“We bought SmartTargeting to enhance our strategy to bring us additional business. We really like that it gives us the ability to find sellers.”


As part of his strategy to gain more listings, Bill ensures that he follows up with each lead that comes in. He likes that SmartTargeting is constantly sending him reminders to follow up with homeowners, this way no one is forgotten. He typically, creates pop-byes to drop off at each of their homes providing his homeowners information on their market, and about his team.

“We live in the suburbs where people don’t want you coming up to them trying to immediately sell their home. The point is to develop a relationship and SmartTargeting has been the perfect tool to help us do this.”


So far, Bill has closed six listings using SmartTargeting and with the insights at his disposal has had the content to begin many quality conversations with homeowners. With data-backed predictions and insights agents can concentrate on the people who matter most and engage with them in a meaningful way.

“Our listing pipeline is growing because of SmartTargeting. We have been able to have a lot of quality conversations with homeowners that may be thinking about selling and we will ultimately benefit from these relationships. We have already closed six listings and are expecting even more during our second year with the program.”

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