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Case Study: Bruce and Lee Parker


Bruce and Lee Parker
Highland Park, NJ


  • Two listings in the first six months of using SmartTargeting
  • Ability to offer special treatment and attention to top seller prospects
  • A growing list of contacts who will reach out when are ready to sell


With more than twenty years in the business, Bruce and Lee Parker have built a formidable listing business in Highland Park, New Jersey. But they were tired of sending thousands of monthly mailers with no strategy behind them. They chose SmartTargeting because it gave them intelligence on potential sellers in the area, as well as a turnkey marketing platform.

"Over the years, I’ve tried to look at selling patterns in my area to predict listings. All the time I spent analyzing subjective experiences, SmartZip now does with data.”


The Parkers immediately began sending SmartTargeting mailers and online campaigns to their top 20% list of potential sellers. With simple but eye-catching designs and clear calls to action, the mailers proved to be a key dierentiator for their business.

The duo also uses the SmartTargeting rankings and mailing lists to distribute special gifts like Valentine’s Day candy and local home improvement show tickets. By focusing on the homeowners most likely to sell, the Parkers are spending less time and money on farming and marketing, but are having a higher impact on their local market.

"We don’t have a ton of time to sit on the computer and create new campaigns. SmartTargeting gets us in front of clients and lets us focus on what we do best, which is winning listings from interested sellers.”


The Parkers’ farm area is fiercely competitive, with another agent working the exact same area. Their first listing landed through SmartTargeting was a former client of their biggest competitor, who received their mailers and liked the package they sent. The Parkers ended up listing that home and working as their buyers’ agent as well — and Bruce is confident they never would have landed the listing without SmartTargeting. Their second listing was a couple who wanted to move up from their condo. After going online from a SmartTargeting mailer to check their condo value, they called the Parkers to list the property. In addition to listing success, the Parkers are excited to be building their name and reputation in two highly competitive farms.

"The listings we are getting are as a direct result of SmartTargeting — they were outside our traditional market area, and we never would have pursued them without the data and analytics.”

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