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Case Study: Dana Hall-Bradley


Dana Hall-Bradley, Realtor/Owner
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Fine Living
Celebration, FL
Median Home Value: $500,000


  • 38 Closed listings using SmartTargeting
  • 8.6% Response Rate to the automated marketing


Dana Hall-Bradley has been a full-time real estate agent for the past 22 years in her home of Celebration, FL. Living and working in her farm prior to purchasing SmartTargeting gives her an undeniable advantage. When Dana was farming on her own she mainly focused on post card mailings, expired listings and her property management company in order to gain new listings. She really didn’t have a way of getting in front of people before they made the initial decision to list their property. This is where SmartTargeting was able to help increase Dana’s productivity, SmartTargeting is a farming solution that offers agents access to seller predictions in their area or within their database. SmartTargeting’s automated marketing and outreach technology give agents the tools they need to win more listings throughout the year.

“I live and work in Celebration and have for 22 years I think that makes a huge difference in the results I have seen using SmartTargeting. When SmartTargeting started sending mailers for me these people were already used to seeing my face but now I was able to focus on those most likely to list or sell.”


SmartZip is always improving and creating new features to benefit our agents. In 2016, SmartZip launched the CheckIn app, SmartTargeting for your Sphere and BrandBooster Ads just to name a few. Dana has taken full advantage of our free CheckIn App, that allows agents to access their farm and personal data base to track their follow-up efforts and interactions with homeowners.

“I am mobile so much, I love it! Today I was able to see who responded and send them emails with custom CMAs. It has a lot of great features on it that makes it easier for me to stay in front of the right people.”

Dana has also imported her personal database to utilize one CRM for everyone she wants to stay in constant contact with. This allows her to work in one client management system, have access to insights and predictions, and stay top of mind with her entire sphere. SmartTargeting for your Sphere is the only tool that maximizes every opportunity available in your sphere. The Google and Facebook Ads are easy and simple to launch, giving her the confidence that her brand is fresh in the minds of her homeowners.

“It was really easy to set up my online ads and start a campaign to my current database. I am constantly reaching out to people in my database not just the people that respond. As an agent you need to do the work and put in the hours to be noticed and stay top of mind. The BrandBooster Ads help me get in front of my sphere.”


An agent’s results while using SmartTargeting is increased by their proactive and relationship building efforts. SmartTargeting is a farming solution that aims to increase an agent's brand recognition and provide an agent with the knowledge of who is most likely to sell within their selected geographic area or personal database. Dana has been able to use SmartTargeting’s seller predictions and analytics to boost her outreach to top-ranked prospects, thereby increasing her client roster and overall earnings for the year.

“When you first sign up for SmartTargeting you get 4 landing pages, the moment you sign up you need to start promoting those immediately and promote everywhere. Do anything you can to put those links out there; text messages, emails, literally EVERYWHERE. Don’t sit around waiting for a lead or for a mailer to land. Introduce yourself, create drop-offs, reach out be proactive! If you are not doing anything you can’t expect leads to come to you magically.”

Dana works in the town that Disney built. She works in a luxury market and 40% of the homeowners in her territory are absentee homeowners. She mails to these homeowners on top of the automated marketing SmartTargeting is already launching for her. Dana and her assistant are constantly following up with her top prospects not just the homeowners that respond. Together they create handwritten notes, postcards, drop offs with a Better Home and Gardens magazines, email and phone campaigns; all in with the intention of building relationships with homeowners before they make their decision to list their home.

“This morning I launched another email drip campaign, and I received 17 responses of people visiting my SmartTargeting landing page. When I finally connect with homeowners they feel like they know me, as a result of all the advertising I do.”


Dana loves the success that she has received due to working her SmartTargeting geographic area. The number of listings as a result of SmartTargeting increased from 4 in her first year to 17 in her second year. It was this huge jump that forced Dana to have to hire an assistant. She has high expectations for her third term and hopes to manage even more listings this year. Dana wears a lot of hats being broker owner and managing her property management company, but she still finds time to be proactive in her farm and go the extra mile for her clients. If she can find the time to work her farm an agent can.

“I sold one of my SmartTargeting listings for $800,000 and then sold my homeowners another $1 million-dollar property. That listing itself paid for my SmartTargeting account.”

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