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Case Study: David Vanneste


David Vanneste
Edina Realty
North Oaks, MN
Median Home Value: $493,700


  • 3 listings generated through SmartTargeting in just 6 months
  • Total income generated from SmartZip is $15,000
  • A synergetic relationship with his account manager helped him broaden his current prospecting campaign and gave him an edge over the competition


As a popular listing agent in North Oaks, Minnesota, nearly 65% of David Vanneste's business comes from sellers. David built his brand over 27 years of farming, through bus bench advertisements, door knocking and lots of direct mail. Now an extremely successful agent with more than 100 closings scheduled each year, David wanted to change his farming techniques to focus on top seller prospects.


David knew he needed maximize his efforts by focusing on those most likely to sell. The answer: SmartTargeting. By adding analytics to his already impressive outreach process, he could gain traction faster. He likens SmartTargeting to being the "the rifle approach instead of the shotgun approach, where you shoot hoping to hit anything."

Rather than blindly spending money on marketing, SmartZip focused David's efforts on the targets with the highest probability of selling. Because David is busy managing many buyers and sellers at a time, he specifically appreciated the consistency of sending at least one touch per month through mailer automation.

The information capture sites with vanity URLs have been important to expanding David's prospects. These sites not only deliver automated home values to homeowners entering their information, they also alert David to the respondent's activity. "With other mailers, I feel like there's no way for them to raise their hand," David says. SmartZip allows homeowners to show their interest, creating opportunities for agents to stand out and make deep connections.

“With other mailers, I feel like there's no way for them to raise their hand."

For David, it was easy to incorporate SmartTargeting into the marketing he was already doing; he revised his usual newspaper ads to promote the vanity URL. This allowed potential clients to get their automated home value while David captured their information for follow-up.

David kept the conversation going with respondents by reaching out via email and also calling them on the phone. When respondents didn't provide a phone number, David looked them up in the local HOA directory. He's found that it's worth the extra effort to track down a phone number, because calling is a major component to his successful outreach. As part of his email drip campaign, he incorporated video door knocking as one of the touches, giving him even more personal exposure.

The final essential tool in his arsenal has been his fantastic relationship with his dedicated Account Manager. She was able to identify his weak points, and help him implement various facets of the program—namely social media marketing. With her guidance, he expanded his current marketing efforts to reach more homeowners on a variety of mediums. Even though he admits he hasn't yet fully implemented the program, he is excited to start on the next chapter.

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