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Case Study: Debbie Kruzel


Debbie Kruzel
Keller Williams Realty
Andover, MA
Median Home Value: Approx. $342,950


  • Six total listings via the SmartTargeting predictive marketing platform
  • 13 respondents to one mailer she sent out on a holiday week
  • A growing pipeline of sellers she can nurture until they are ready to list


When Debbie set up SmartTargeting, she looked at multiple territories to find an area with higher-priced listings. "When we were looking at areas, I could see which ones had higher price points, and I selected a territory that would help drive higher priced listings my way."

Then, Debbie started to send out the mailers and campaigns to her top 20% list. In her most recent mailing, Debbie sent out handwritten letters to her top 20% on a holiday week, and got 13 respondents. She was able to immediately follow up with these respondents by going to their doors with a "Wow Package" and meeting them in person.

“If you don't know where your seller leads are, your business is dead. I once heard you should have 100 seller leads at any given time, and I'm just now getting to that number thanks to SmartTargeting."

Debbie has listed six total properties through SmartTargeting, and is working other leads to increase that number. When asked what she would say to other agents trying to add more listings to their businesses, Debbie said, "I would tell them that going after sellers isn't the same instant gratification as buyers. A lot of people don't understand that, and it's something I only realized once I started following up with potential seller prospects. You really have to fine-tune your skills and try to get out in front of them, maybe even years before they are ready to list, in order to make that connection."

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