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Case Study: Ed Durham


Ed Durham
Green Street Real Estate
Phoenix, AZ


  • Five SmartTargeting listings in less than one year
  • One listing set the sales price record for the ZIP code
  • A long-term way to drive in new prospects and start conversations


Ed Durham began investing in distressed properties in 2004, and quickly realized that his transparent, homeowner-first approach was missing from the real estate industry. After becoming a full-time agent, Ed purchased SmartTargeting as a way to identify and target traditional listings.

"I like the numbers, that it’s data-driven. With SmartTargeting, I know my mailers are getting to the right people."


Within Ed’s two ZIP code market, there is no dominant agent. With his SmartTargeting top 20% list and insights, he believes he could be successful even if he only landed clients from within the area. He sends out monthly mailers, and has a traditional follow up approach by phone if they provide a number.

Ed’s main goal is always to have a phone conversation to build a rapport early on. If the homeowner is not reachable by phone, he sends email drip campaigns and newsletters, as well as market stats for their ZIP code. His goal is to touch every top prospect three times per month.

"I think about the homeowners who might not respond until the seventh mailer. It’s important that I keep sending clean, high-quality pieces to get the best possible response when they are ready."


Ed has landed five total listings using SmartTargeting. One home, listed for over $1 million, was outside his usual marketing area. He would not have reached out to the homeowner without SmartTargeting, but he sure is glad he did. The listing set a sales price record for the ZIP code.

"I can be successful even if I never land another listing outside my territory. One of the five listings I landed in my first year set a record for the highest sales price ever in this ZIP code."

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