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Case Study: Ellis Posner


Ellis Posner
Teles Properties
Redondo Beach, CA


  • Five total listings in one focused year using SmartTargeting
  • Uncannily accurate listing predictions within his territory


When foreclosures and short sales were prominent, Redondo Beach agent Ellis Posner was easily able to identify these “low hanging fruit” listings. But as those opportunities started drying up, Posner needed a deeper analysis of selling triggers in his market. He chose SmartTargeting, the only listing solution that offers data-backed selling predictions and automated marketing.


Ellis was a skeptic about SmartTargeting at first, and he didn’t dig into the data and program for more than a year. He decided to get engaged by cross-referencing new listings to see if they appeared in his “Top 20%” list of predicted sellers, and was amazed when they did. Then he noticed other results.

"The most remarkable thing started happening once I really looked into my predictions. I’d talk to people who said they weren’t going to sell, and the next month they would fall off my predictions.

"Then I talked to a woman who said she’d never sell, but she remained on my list. A month later, she asked me to list her home. How could the data know what people were telling me in real-time? And, how could the data know what homeowners didn’t know themselves? I couldn’t believe it, and I still can’t believe it."


After the accuracy of his predictions made Ellis a believer, he started to truly leverage SmartTargeting to predict and target likely sellers. He uses the automated marketing platform to get inbound responses, but he’s not afraid to reach out to prospects who haven’t yet contacted him. He finds that the more he varies his marketing and outreach, the better his results. After narrowing his focus to his SmartTargeting list, Ellis landed five listings in one year.

"I use a combination of SmartTargeting’s marketing and my own follow up to land clients. I’ve found that if I doorknock, call or email in addition to marketing traditionally, people really get to know who I am."

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