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Case Study: Henry Racelis


Henry Racelis
Racelis Realty
Jersey City, New Jersey


  • Three total listings in his first year as a SmartTargeting customer
  • 70 direct responses to his marketing efforts
  • A strategic approach of talking to homeowners early, instead of targeting expired listings


Henry Racelis had historically received his listings via referrals and by cold calling and mailing expired listings. With a desire to land more seller clients and an interest in predictive marketing, Henry chose to purchase the SmartTargeting program.

"I was ready to try something different, and SmartTargeting was just the ticket."


Henry immediately began sending mailings to his top 20% list, and he also targets top prospects with SmartTargeting’s online ads.

"Since starting with SmartTargeting, my marketing has changed because I’m using your information and tools whether I am sending mailers, emails or out door-knocking. It’s given me immediate value — I have people calling and asking me for a CMA now!"

Henry’s favorite SmartTargeting feature is the automated email marketing campaigns, which guarantee interaction with his top clients even when Henry is busy with other clients.

"I love that the email nurture campaigns enable me to stay visible with the homeowner, and provide them helpful information so I stay top-of-mind as the local real estate expert."


Henry has found that in addition to getting him in the front doors of potential sellers, SmartTargeting’s materials are also great educational pieces on his local market. Prospective sellers pay attention to his branded Home Trends Report, and know he’s a local expert as a result.

Most importantly, Henry is landing listings through SmartTargeting. In his first year, Henry received eight listing appointments through the program, and three of them turned into listings.

"In my first year, I landed eight listing appointments through SmartTargeting, and three of them turned into listings."

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