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Case Study: Hugh Price


Hugh Price
HER Realtors
Granville, OH


  • Nine listings in eight months using SmartTargeting
  • 120 inbound seller leads to follow up on
  • Fast success led to the purchase of a new territory outside his usual market area


As a former appraiser who now runs a team of five, agent and team leader Hugh Price has spent the last 12 years building a booming business. His team averages 50-60 listings on the market at any given time, and focuses on closing around 120 sell-side transactions annually.

While much of Hugh’s business is built on reputation and referral, he wanted to go a step further and get a “top-line perspective” of the homeowners his team should focus on for new seller leads. SmartTargeting, a full-service platform that identifies and markets to the local homeowners most likely to sell, was just the ticket.


Hugh’s team, already recognized as local market leaders, got immediate traction from their SmartTargeting marketing and mailers, gleaning more than 120 inbound responses from local homeowners in their first eight months. Hugh’s team even began to redirect past marketing campaigns to their SmartTargeting branded offer pages to draw in even more qualified seller leads.

"Our marketing, including SmartTargeting’s mailers and handwritten letters, has brought in more than a hundred new sellers leads so far.”


Of course, leads only matter if you can convert them into business over time. In their first eight months using SmartTargeting and smart follow up, Hugh’s team has listed and closed nine of the twelve total homes predicted in their “Top 20%.” With this fast success spurring him on, Hugh purchased another territory that has produced two listings in the first two months. The team is excited to see what the next year brings.

"Simply put, this program works if you put forth the effort. In our first territory, our team has closed nine listings in just eight months."

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